Arguing is Useless-but the world is getting a little crazy

It is with some amusement, that I review the many posts on this website. Everyone has an opinion about how things are or how they should be and it is pretty well diversified. The only constant is that probably every one of us has very little impact on what will happen today or tomorrow in your city, state or nation, so your rhetoric is virtually useless. Only when we band together for purposes of good or evil, do we ever have an opportunity to change things for better or worse. There is change in the wind and the craziness is that I’m not sure whether it is better or for worse and the problem has always been ferreting out the deception. People don’t become slaves by being told they would become slaves, they become slaves by buying into the deceptions that are planted into their minds.

In my opinion, there are only two factors that matter. Is there a God or is there not a God. If there is not a God, then you are truly deceived, if you believe anything you do has purpose or matters in the least. Eventually you will just be a forgotten moment in time neither relevant or irrelevant. If there is a God, you would be best served by doing good works continually and as a collective body of men and women of like minds, possibly make a difference for stability and prosperity of future generations. As a member of the Church, you have been told of difficult times to come when truth would be hard to recognize and there would be much suffering in the world. The only logical thing to do would be to fill your days with good works and pray for clairvoyance in the right path to follow all the days of your lives. Good luck to all of you, because this is indeed a time of confusion and chaos.

In my opinion, I don’t see any confusion. A new declaration is being made. Either agree with the left and BLM or you will be silenced and discraced. Eventually, eliminated. Don’t buy into the idea your opinion and vote doesn’t matter. It does and everyone with some spine will do so.

You need to look past the end of your own nose. The world is rife with misinformation and deception which creates confusion and chaos. It is a demonstration of how people have turned away from God. The ability to recognize this and do something about it by standing for good is what can make a difference.

You and I agree. You completely understand and like I said, I understand as well. No confusion to me or you. Just the godless people of the world.

The only thing that is plain in this world is probably the BOM or the words of the prophet. I wouldn’t stake anything on the words of the left or right

I wouldn’t take anything from the left. I would listen to the right because they have more people who are believers in Christ.

I don’t worry about it too much, I’m aligned more conservative. I learn more from the Nephites and Lamanites-it’s like a mirror as to what’s happening today. History is the great crystal ball

Unfortunately the left doesn’t care. But the right does. We simply can’t be part of the problem by being silent.

“World is getting a little crazy”?

Really, What was your first clue? :grin:

Lol😉I think people get desensitized and before you know it they are trying to figure out what happened to their idealistic life.

“The voice of reason that I hear and listen to.” Thanks.

I really don’t think than anyone on this site should be blasting the
Republicans or the Democrats, or the Libertarians, or the other Independents.
I don’t think that it is Christ Like to do so, because when doing so, we are offending more than half of our brothers and sisters. We are all Children of God.

One man’s garbage is another man’s treasure.
When you make undocumented statements like more Republicans are religious than Democrats, that is simple not true. The split is just about an even 50/50. False News.

When we put down another man’/woman politics, we are offending that other person. This should not be done among true Christian people.

I am sorry if I seem to march to a different drummer. I just don’t think that blasting another person’s preference in politics is Christ Like.

Pay onto Cezar, that which is Cezar’s and pay onto God, that which is God’s.

Do you appreciate that which I am trying to communicate. If you don’t my friend, than nobody of this site will

Well, Amulek and Alma were blasting people for their sins while preaching Christ and baptizing in his name.
For you to say there is no difference in parties is laughable. There is a huge difference between supporting the Constitution and the Democrat progressives demanding fundamental change (meaning get rid of the Constitution and capitalism replacing it with socialism and totalitarianism)

Yes, we are supposed to love one another. But, when a black man gets shot by a police officer when in several videos the man resisted arrest after drunk driving, hitting and officer and taking an officer’s tazer gun and shooting at the officer with it and the attorneys for the man say completely the opposite, that has to be called out. The attorneys were trying cause more strife, division, protests and violence. Why should they not be called out. The courts will decide if the officer was within his rights to shoot. I know this, Cordell Walker (aka Chuck Norris) would have put his gun away and beat the crap out of the man. :sunglasses:

I understand what you are saying… Unfortunately, people are too polarized to understands another other person point of view (see other posts as examples).

Disagree. Take the Floyd murder. No one said it was right to do. No one has taken the side of the officer. No one. But, BLM doesn’t care 100% if the country is on their side for this murder. They don’t care. It’s their way or the highway!

Democrats are the same way. Republicans have been giving away this country inch by inch for a 100 years after the Democrat Party established their Progressive Movement . Our rights have been slowly eroded over the past century to where liberty is now being overrun by tyranny.

We have been giving our rights away because we were to busy being distracted living the good life and thinking all was well in Zion. Nikita Khrushchev said America would fall without a shot being fired, and we are on the way to proving him correct as we self destruct. However it has also become a world problem, not just a US problem. Interesting times are ahead and seeing prophecy being fulfilled is also interesting, but most people are oblivious to prophesy just as they have been throughout history. Seeing how everyone’s life has changed radically in 3 months and mostly likely it is just the tip of the iceberg

That’s because he saw the progressives taking over big cities. He knew eventually too many would not believe we could accept Marxism. Nothing about having too much and being distracted with our toys.

Having too much prosperity and being distracted has been a common malady since the beginning of days. Particularly evident in you BOM probably not 5 feet from your right hand😉

I don’t think America as a whole is having too much prosperity. The average credit card balance is nearly $20,000. Most of America has very little money saved. I do believe more Americans are losing belief in God. But not enough to say there is too much prosperity.

The US at one time had the highest standard of living, by far, in the world. It also ranked number one academically. For many reasons, as you have stated, a lack of belief in God, we have slipped, by being complacent, getting involved in wars we shouldn’t have been in, not being as politically active As we should have been, losing control of our constitutional rights. It is a process and usually a lengthy one, that leads countries to their demise. I would advise people to be A God-trusting People with a strong military presence to protect them from those who would destroy their freedoms, whether internal or external, a law enforcement that protects each of our rights to live and prosper within the confines of the law and a system that blesses the poorest citizen with the capacity to achieve what they desire through effort and determination. Where a person is judged by his works-not his religion or his color. I’m sure it is too much to ask, as Satan rages in the hearts of men, but this is what I would ask for and this is what will ultimately come to being in the final day

I agree with you 100%! Strange huh!
A 100 years ago, Woodrow Wilson started the progressive movement. They knew it would take a long time to destroy the belief in God of enough citizens to get to the point of fundamentally changing America.

Along the way, their have been a few anti-Christ’s or 666’s. Saul Aulinsky tried to spearhead a violent overthrow which both Republicans and Democrats rejected. Bill Ayers called the leaders “The Man.” So, he and others of that era came to the conclusion that they had to go back to school and become the “The Man.” They are now the leaders in Democrat progressive politics and universities as teachers and administrators. We see more and more “me first” and violet responses playing out because they are not learning to believe in God as their fathers and grandparents did. All the main socialist totalitarian characters of today were Aulinsky students.they all want to destroy liberty.