Arizona, 9-4-21

Sloppy win but I will give them the benefit of the doubt because it is the first game of the season. No time to mess around next week because Utah is up and they won’t be as sketchy as Arizona was. Lots of room for improvement with the Cougars.

Be ready next week!

I like to see Coach Kalani Sitake to take over the DC next week would that happen ?

The old adage goes that teams improve the most between the first and second games. Let’s hope we improve a lot.

Nope! I do think there will be some big time training on positioning for a tackle. So many just stood waiting to be faked out instead of moving up.
Even if Sitaki took over they would play the same defense.

That’s right. Hall will look at the film and see open TE down the field.
Hall threw one ball down the sideline to a TE but was way off on hitting the back shoulder and almost got it picked off. That was something Wilson was so good at. Hall will practice that as well.
I would like to see a few more run plays for Hall. Keep Utah off balance.

You really don’t know much about a team based on the first game. Last year we beat Navy 55-3 but Navy didn’t practice much due to Covid protocols. We really didn’t know BYU was really good until they destroyed Boise on the road.

This year BYU opens with Az and sat out the Nacua brothers even though they practiced during the week. Gunnar Romney was injured early on so Hall was without three key receivers. BYU didn’t win as impressively as hoped but it didn’t appear they were ever really in danger of losing. We also don’t know if Az is any good. They were horrible last year but have a new coaching staff and it’s a new season. In college sports one season to the next can be like night and day. All we know about BYU was that they were good last year but we don’t know how good since the schedule was week. We will know more next Saturday whether BYU is good this year or not. .

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He was probably feeling a little pressure early in the game trying to replace Wilson. As the game went on he did better. He has some skills and athleticism. I expect he’ll gain confidence as the season goes forward and he has all his weapons on the field. Both Nacua brothers sat out and Romney got injured early on.

Anybody know why Oldroyd didn’t play?

It was reported oldroyd had a undisclosed injury.

What we do know is AZ coaching staff is excellent coming from the pros. They showed it by making adjustments on both offense and defense. Something we didn’t do and they almost caught us. Something that has on occasions has plagued us.

Stiff back was mentioned during the game by the announcers.

I’m worried that we’re back into Taysom Hill/Tanner Magnum territory in terms of passing yardage. I hope I’m wrong, but sans the 67 harder to Pau’u, that was exactly where Hall was.

We’re the Nacua brothers being disciplined, or were they injured?

Injured. Should be able to play this week. Samson was in on the onside kick.

Like you, I look for small details. It is a significant that Romney was injured, Before the season it looks like we were very deep at wide receiver right now we are thin.
Hall did get better as the game progressed. I was impressed with our DBs.
As you say, Byu never looked like it was in any danger of losing the game except that last hurry up when their QB threw that interception in the Endzone. that would’ve made the game very tight. Anyway, I wish we would’ve had a tight game so that Byu would have to try bigger downfield attempts
Utah has a for year QB running their show. Byu has a first year starter. I think we keep the game close against Utah but their defense is just too good. The year to beat Utah was last year. I don’t see this as a high-scoring affair

Agreed. I don’t expect to be blown out, but I also don’t expect to beat them. I expect our offense to struggle mightily to move the ball (like LSU), and our defense will do okay, but won’t throw a shutout . . .

No shutout. But, BYU wins 31-28

Bright spot - Hall started 2-7 for 11yds, finished 18-28 for 198 and 2tds for the game. So after he settled in, he was 16-21 for 187 for an efficiency rating of 181.5. . . . Without 3 of his top 4 WRS.

Sore spot - defense got worse as the game went on. They got 0 points out of 3 potential scoring drives missing 2 easy field goals and throwing a horrible interception to a converted walkon QB and backup place kick holder while we played matador defense.

Yes, many of my football friends point out the very same things. I, however saw a game where Tuiaki did rush the QB a critical times and we did get 4 QB tackles and several hurries. So we do have the personal, just that they are used sparingly. I am encouraged by our Az game.

Sitake held out 4 starters due to injury and had the fortitude to keep them out with exception of Nacua on that last play. So we are not depleted and they should be ready for Utah. Again, encouraged.

I’ll buy your optimism! Deep down I want to be talked into it!

My concern is the lack of tackling technique that was on display against Arizona. This reminded me of the days of Crowton/Mendenhall where the players would always duck their heads when tackling, only to catch “air”.

I agree. Also, they would freeze instead of moving up and cutting off the runner. I’m sure that is being addressed