Arizona fires miller, Mark Pope in the crosshairs

The Field of 68: “SEAN MILLER HAS BEEN FIRED! What’s next for Arizona?” (

per Jeffery Goodman of Field of 68

Not worried…

I listened to half the interview and then it stopped. I never heard Pope’s name. I heard 4 other guys, why do you think Pope is in the crosshairs?

I don’t think Pope is the person that would leave BYU after only 2 years.

Look for Stoudamire at Arizona.

New Arizona coach was an assistant at Gonzaga.

That should do it! We can now beat Gonzaga

We’ve beaten Gonzaga several times…relatively speaking.

Yes, they are certainly not unbeatable as Baylor showed. BYU can win a battle every now and then but will never win the war.

Gonzaga Men’s basketball will always win the WCC Tite every year because they are the “Darling” team in the league. And I think John Stockton will join in as an assistant coach and future head coach at Gonzaga to my belief. Well maybe not because both Mark Few and John Stockton are about the same age well never mind

Okay… :-/~

I understand you are the delusional optimist but seriously, what chance do you think BYU has of overtaking Gonzaga in the WCC and becoming a nationally ranked basketball team on a consistent basis? It isn’t happening. BYU will win a game vs. Gonzaga every so often just to keep it mildly interesting but doing that on a consistent basis, like Gonzaga has since BYU entered the picture, will not happen.

Not feelin it. Stockton would be a NBA head coach if he wanted it. I’m sure he has been asked many times.