Arizona State game comments

Not much noise tonight. BYU played a decent 1st half. Messed up in the last drive. Hall doesn’t throw to the outside shoulder well at all. If he did, that last pass would have been another touchdown.

slow start… defnese didn’t look great, offense looked worse but they got it going… and dominated the second quarter. They had some poor clock management at the end of the half and missed a chance to score again.

Halftime adjustments will be important again.

I don’t understand why the middle of the defense is always vulnerable to those easy passes. They need to shore that up because this is the third week in a row it has been exposed.

Defense will win this if they can adjust as Arizona adjusts. Hall still needs to be able to throw to the back shoulder. That could have been a touchdown.
Utah lost again.

what the hell is the offense coordinator thinking in the second half.

two three and outs?

don’t get me started with the defensive front seven.

Going from bad to worst. Other teams make adjustments at halftime. Not BYU.

BYU seems to have a knack for finishing strong. They are in better condition and the opponents look worn out at the end of the game. The crowd did a number on ASU tonite and helped BYU win the game as well. This team is pretty solid overall. I think there are some strange things that happen but we have been through a full year and more of covid madness so there’s that.

Good win, back to back wins over top 20 teams is nice.

ASU is very undisciplined. They lost the game on penalty calls alone. I watched Utah get beat by SDSU…Utah is in a world of hurt, can’t run the ball and had to bench their starting QB

Gutsy call to have Cool Hand Luke come in for Hall and throw that Rex TD.

It’s strange that last year, we didn’t play anyone. No P5’s and that’s the reason for our successful year. Now, it’s other teams are this and that so that’s why we are 3-0 playing P5’s. Maybe, just maybe, BYU has been that good? And stop making excuses. Maybe BYU is causing them to make mistakes. And, that’s why we want P5’s to show up to Lavell Stadium to play us!