Arkansas Game Thoughts


Once again the defense sucks, but the offense isn’t doing it any favors.

Some strange, Crowton-like calls…Going for it on fourth down in your own territory. The fumble changed momentum in the first half.

Fire Tuiaki

Oh wait coach Kalani Satake going to say it is all his fault. Then fire all the coaches!

Sitake once said he knew what the problem is, and he fired Ty Detmer. The offense improved quite a bit.

Does Sitake once again say he knows what the problem is, and does he have the courage to fire Tuiaki?

Probably not.

That is why I choose not to watch the game. I choose to be up at my cabin getting it ready for winter.

I also knew Kalani will not do what is best for the program and revamp the defensive coaching staff. Always the same “I got to figure out how to get this thing fixed” BLAH, BLAH, BLAH…

I hear the player talk about how Tui is such a great coach and have to laugh because Tui is horrible as a coach.

BTW, I did listen a bit on my drive in, and heard about the play where Hall ran for a first down and on review they said that it was six inches short. Then HAll fumbled the ball on the 4th down attempt.

Having officiated football for 20 years or so, I can say that the review was an SEC official “screw” job. I have attended NCAA official meetings and they instruct the umpire (black hat on the same side as the white hat) to mark the ball on the hash mark closest to the where the line judge makes the mark of forward progression,

Watch any pro or college game, they never mark the ball at six inches before the line of scrimmage. it is always on the hash mark.