Army game canceled

A “SMALL” tracing of COVID19 has caused the Army game in CBS to be rescheduled or canceled. What does a small tracing? This is overreacting!

Who knows what a small trace means and even if a small trace is communicable. There is a lot of conflicting information out there right now. There is a certain segment of the population that wants the “PLAGUE” , or at least the idea of the plague, to continue and any semblance of a normal life put on hold, until at least the first of next year. That being the case you can expect to see a lot of games postponed and canceled. The new normal is something a certain segment wants the public to accept and accept it indefinitely with the idea that everything has changed and nothing will ever be the same again. Even TV commercials and TV in general is in on the brainwashing that this will go on and on. The reaction to the “THE PLAGUE” will go on and on until it has served it’s political purpose.

The problem with the way it is being handled, and viewed, has created fear, an unnatural way of conducting relationships, and extreme skepticism in some as to the motivations. I think it is real and has killed many people. I wonder about how we are handling it and I am extremely skeptical of the motivations of many who are putting out information and locking people down.

I don’t get much info about Covid-19 from the media… They all lie and twist facts (both liberal and conservative media Outlets). As always in life (similar to the Good vs Evil issues in life) there are people who down play the virus, there are people who overly cautious of the virus.

What I do know comes from people who are actual scientist and researchers. I have a lot of friends that have been studying the affects of Covid-19, much is still unknown…

Yes, younger people have survived the disease, but now they are finding out that the long term affects for Covid-19 is that they can have damage to the heart, lung and several other organs as well.

Did the person survive covid-19? Yes, but now there is a pretty good chance for lasting medical issues long after this disease has left the person.

I look at President Nelson and his medical background and think "What does he know, we don’t know? I mean A) he is a highly regarded surgeon and B) a Prophet of God.

Stan Ellsworth (American Ride on BYUTV) caught covid-19. Read what he has to say about this “Brain Washing” of Covid-19.

How many are having long term side affects? All I hear is it might have long term affects. That’s it. Pie in the sky so far. The NY Times said the CDC says 90% of those affected don’t have the disease. They are tested with a few specs of virus in the nose but not enough to make anyone sick. The 4 football players with trace of the virus that stopped the game are probably not sick. Just traces. And we shut down the game with Army. Baloney! Political!

Aro, again I compliment your post. My thoughts to your thoughts back to my thoughts. :slightly_smiling_face:

When I used the phrase brain washing it was in the context that we will never get back to normal (meaning our way of life and relationships and so forth). I don’t believe that and in part I don’t believe it because the brethren have basically said this will pass and we will be able to return to the temple and so forth.

I know that many have died and some have become seriously ill and were hospitalized for days with long term medical damage. I have some concerns myself. I am 70 years old and overweight. I have been eating better and exercising and have lost some weight in part due to concerns over vulnerability to covid19. I know it is no joke but I also think it has been exploited.

No one has had Covid 19 for long enough, or
been over it long enough to claim any “long term’ impact or effects! Look at the year mark and start measuring from there.

Until we have hard facts this is nothing but conjecture. 6 months … which is the longest period of time almost anyone could have had it, can’t be considered “long -term”.

how can anyone know a “long term” affect when the virus has only been around since January (8 months)?

The phrase “long term” means over several “years”, not months.

Kind of a dumb question to ask in my opinion.

Second, researcher have identified that some people who catch the virus and survive (younger people) have developed issues with their lungs and heart that “Could be” a long term issue.

That is all I am saying.

True, the problem is people do not actually do any type of research. They hear something on the tube or read it on-line and since it follows their belief patterns, they tend to take it as gospel.

The problem with this virus is both political parties decided to use it as a “Tool”, where they should have just left the medical experts to determine what is best.

In Utah, the governor brought together the medical experts, the business experts and some government officials to determine how best to move forward so we are safe, but at the same time our economy is not tanked.

It has not been perfect and mistakes have been made. But overall I think our Governor has done a good job of balancing the health vs ecomony.

Others may not agree (like both democratic mayors of SLC and SL county). But that is my view.

Whenever we have a pandemic or major event (like 9/11) nothing ever returns to what we would call “normal” as in return to the way it was.

Things change, a new normal emerges and we move forward with a little more respect for things that we have neglected in the past (like social distancing).

I am 63 and how many “underlying” issues as well. I worry more about what will happen to my family if I pass, more than what happens to me health wise. I try to look at this virus as objective as I can. I know there is a lot of misinformation and fear mongering going on. but the bottom line is that people need to change some habits in order to prevent a major pandemic from becoming more deadly than it currently is.

BTW, I appreciate our civil discussion here, I understand and respect your point of view and see a lot of truth in what you posts.

Not a dumb question since it’s being used to scare people. You say “some” young people. How many? 5?30? The flu can do damage as well to some young people. And, since it will take years to know the long term affects that’s more scare Marxist tactics. No reason to cancel the came because that’s all we are saying.their was trace modules of the virus. Not enough to make them sick nor anyone else.

Oh gee, now what did Trump do? He also brought together medical experts in the “Task Team” to do just that. Was that political but not Utah’s Governor? Come on man! No, the left is making it a political football, not the right.

Floyd, Thank you for your comments. My next-door neighbor Hannah is now 25 (return missionary and BYU graduate), she is a very healthy young lady and very bright person got this virus c19 for over 10 weeks. She still have not recovered. She hasn’t been to the hospital yet but she said this virus is nothing compared to the flu stuff in her entire life and this Covid giving her a heart problem and other health issues. And about Stan American Ride, That was pretty close to his death

There is no doubt if you get a bad case you can die and even some young people have died and had serious cases. Generally speaking it is the elderly and those in poor health who are the most vulnerable. Many get it with no more consequence than any other illness but I would rather not have anybody in my family, or myself, get it to find out if we will have a mild case or serious one.

Shouldn’t she go to the hospital if her heart is affected? What are those symptoms like for reference?

Stan Ellsworth sister lived in my ward before she passed from having cancer. Great family.
Stan lived in our stake for awhile, got to meet him and he is a very humble (though large) man.

If you ever get a chance to watch the movie “Church ball” the movie with Clint Howard and Gary Coleman

Stan plays the ringer in the movie…

I loved watching his BYUTV show “American Ride”, he did such a great job of descripting events of history.

Covid-19 attacks both the respiratory system, now they are finding out that is also can damage the heart muscle as well.

For me, the scary part is that we really do not understand this virus yet. How it works, how it affects different people, different ways.

One thing my daughter taught me (She does clinical research at Huntsman) is that when they do trials for different drugs, there are corresponding trials across the globe for the same drug trial because race and ethnicity plays a factor in how it affect people.

Hope that made sense.

On a lighter note, BYU just scheduled Louisiana Tech for a home game for 10/2/2020. I guess we will see how many of the scheduled games can be played. My hope is that everybody on the BYU team pulls through this just fine and all the scheduled games can be played.

I checked Louisiana Tech on ESPN and they were pretty good last year with 10 wins and a win against Miami in their bowl game They have been in a bowl game every year since 2014 and won every one of them. They have beaten Illinois in a bowl game. Most of their bowl wins were against mid-majors but they won them all. I would say they are the equivalent of a good Mountain West Conference team. Probably at least as good as anybody in the Mountain West year after year with the exception of Boise St. Gary Crowton was the head coach there from 96-98 and they have a tradition of being a solid program.

We have 3 games that could be losses; Army, Houston, and Louisiana Tech although we should be favored in all of them, or at least even money in all of them. Hopefully Army can be rescheduled for 11/28/2020 when both teams have an open date.

I hope we get to play Army.