Army game canceled

I was asking what the symptoms were like does the heart race or what specific happens with the heart.

Palpitation or “racing” are some symptoms

The Democrats want the PLAGUE to continue through the General Election. It is their strategy to try anyway they can to win the election, including the Presidency and a majority in the Congress. Stupid is is stupid does.

Floyd: Are you talking about atrial fibrillation? If so, that is a heart condition, not based on COVID-19 necessarily.

Not that I know of, from the research article I read it said “Heart Palpitation” but it was not very specific in what it exactly meant. Is it a feeling or skipped heart beat or whatever.

I found this as well, which is interesting that the heart muscle can be enlarged by Covid-19

Have you seen one post of mine that says what Trump did about with Covid-19 for politics? NO!

I said, both parties have used it as a tool for political purposes, which is true. the democrats are pushing about how enough was not done, while some far right republicans thinks that some of the things Trump and his medical group did was over reacting (Like asking people to wear face masks).

Scott, “YOU” yourself have posted that the what the Trump medical team has asked us to do is “unconstitutional”, and fear mongering. You have said some pretty bad things about Dr. Fauci.

In our recent GOP primaries, the candidate that is far right (Hughes) was making a political issue of how our governor violated people rights by asking them wear a mask, social distance and closing down business for the short term to lower the spread.

So yes, Scott both sides has used it for political purposes.

I don’t think that is the case, at least most of the democrats I know, wish this virus would simply go away.

What I think the National DNC truly wants is to do is keep peoples focus on how Trump mishandled the virus and the outbreak (according to them).

This way it is a distraction for the voters, so they don’t see the real agenda behind their actions, moving our country closer to socialism…

Just my opinion.

There’s a difference between using this for political reasons and making statements about it when asked a question as a personal opinion. Just because a politician makes a statement doesn’t mean it’s always a political reason.

Well, no. First, Democrats clearly think Trump was too slow to shut things down and that has killed tens of thousands of people. But now, he’s too fast with the vaccine which could save tens of thousands of lives. So, another way to say that is Democrats want to see tens of thousands of people killed in order for people to vote for Democrats.
All this while people who watch Fox News have seen Biden, Pelosi, Cuomo and other Democrats telling people it was safe to be in public and the virus wasn’t deadly AFTER Trump shut down travel from China and Europe. He was called a racist and fear monger for doing that. Those who only watch CNN and MSNBC don’t know this at all. That would be Democrats.

7 BYU players had Covid and I think 4 were critical positions so BYU pulled the plug on the Army game.
It was enough to make Sitake feel BYU was at a disadvantage. i see the SDSU game has been postponed???

Where did you hear SDSU was postponed? I couldn’t verify it on the ESPN site and haven’t seen any articles to that effect.

No mention on BYU Sports Nation today that either game has been canceled.

It just said it when I typed up the BYU football schedule. must be a typo.