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Gonzaga had a very easy night. They are a top 10 team even if they lost all of their starters from last year.

SMC had a very good overtime win over Wisc. It is rare that Randy Bennett travels anywhere outside of Moraga so to do this, he knows he has a great team. Ford, all WCC had 26 on the overtime win.

Both GU and SMC are locks for the NCAAs this year (I think)
BYU is senior laden and with injuries’ and Childs suspension, they are being overlooked by the national media. BYU will beat both SMC and GU at least once this season, that is my prediction.

Have not followed much of the other WCC teams but SDU will be way down. SF without a Ferrari will be slower haha.
And Utah pulls of a big win in Nevada with a team full of youngsters

14 non conference games till they start wcc in Jan 2nd 2020. 9 home games and 5 away. 3 out of state games - at Wisc., at ASU & at Nevada and two in Calif. against Cal and Fresno State.
Well, somewhat an improvement playing at Wisc. & ASU but the rest not really.
Two gets in ncaa = Maybe

bennett has been left out of the dance several times because of his soft schedules so he is wising up. Also knows that his veteran teams will beat a young P5 that could really make noise once they get some experience. Bennett is very savvy but I still don’t like him

And BYU without good bigs falls to San Diego State. SDSU outplayed BYU in the end to win the game.

Depends what you mean out played. They out shot BYU. But, two things. We missed several short shots. And, we stopped moving and getting open 3’poimt shots. When we did, we went cold and shot under 40% from three point line. Without Childs, we have to shoot better.

Yes Pope has a big problem. Where is Dastrup when we need him.

Why we give Toolson the ball on the wing early in a shot rotation just kills our motion. He is not a creater, he is a finisher. TJ and Barcello need to be driving and dishing, any other scenario ends up with turnovers or poor shots. They’ll figure it out.

I’ll bet Faegin is pretty stoked right now. He lost three straight years when he played BYU as a Santa Clara, huh, what is their mascot? Then he transfers to SDSU and basically hits the game winner.

Keys to the BYU loss. If BYU can’t get hot and hit 3s, like they did early in the 2nd half, they are toast, O inside play, I mean, Lee and Nixon do not play above the rim. We have to keep 3 6’5 guards in to help out with rebounding. Once Childs gets healthy BYU will have some options but for now most any team with any kind of post play will impose their will on BYU

BYU had the game in hand until SDSU’s Sehakel hits four 3s in a row. Seljaas would of been the choice but he fouls our, then for some reason TJ takes him and goes all Rose on him (translation: leaves Sehakel open) guy strokes three 3s in, BYU loses all momentum, ball game.

When we took the lead, we were moving the ball well and hitting open 3’s at a 45% rate. But, towards the end, it looked as if we ran out of gas and began missing 3’s. It’s a must to shoot 40% from 3’s.
Lee and Nixon don’t have to play above the rim. They do have to make their flip shots.
Those were actually open. They rushed the shots a bit.
Some complained about the refs. There were a couple of missed calls but nothing to blame the loss on them. Unfortunately, SD got hot and we cooled off.

Actually BYU played pretty well-SDSU was long and athletic with some good shooters, where they haven’t always shined. I’m not upset about this loss-with Childs it very possibly was a win. Take aways-Against good teams Lee will struggle which without Childs, makes it really tough-if he doesn’t make that back in little hook-the whole team suffers because it disrupts the continuity of the offense. Nixon is ok, hustles well, but not a consistent shooter, so he really needs to take high percentage shots. I think we all know that BYU will lose to good teams and win against mediocre teams for 9 games-then it should get better. So far I’m pretty impressed with the coaching effort. Good things ahead for BYU in the future

We have some good inside player not able to play this year. The question is do we have players that can take the place of Haws and other seniors. Hope so.
I agree we played well. SD just got hot from outside and made 5 3 pointers while we missed ours. 2 more 3 pointers and we win and we shoot 40% from 3 point line. We need to be able to shoot 40+% from 3s.

TJ is just a poor defender. Period. At least once he was 10 feet off his guy in crunch time trying to cheat on somebody else, only to see his guy hit the open 3. Barcello was busy guarding Lynch (successfully), but Schakel vs TJ was a monumental mismatch. And Knell looked like a lost grade school kid out there. We just don’t have the manpower to be really good with this group. Is what it is. Fun game to watch and yes indeed Toolson can finish. I think he will be a superb back to the basket weapon when Yo is back and guys can’t just ignore our post player.

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Wasn’t it you that said a key will be shooting 40% from three line? We were doing that with 5 minutes to go and SDSU wasn’t. But, in the final few minutes SDSU raised their percentage to 45% and ours dropped below 40% to 33%. And, we lost. Two more 3’s and we may have won.
Our D is what it is. For most of the game we played well enough to win. Trash on Haws all you want. He will win many games for us by shooting what we need.

Maybe we recruit a football player…IDK. Losing Baxter just killed my high hopes. I still think BYU has a great year once Childs is back. Loaded with Seniors in key positions. Knell played typical of a true Fr. but I am really high on him as a pure shooter. There are 30 students at BYU…Can’t we go out and find a 6’9 guy walking around and throw a uni on him?

WOW! 30 students and no guy 6’9” walking around? I remember back in 1979, I was taking a Volleyball teaching class and there was a 7ft guy in the class. He didn’t play on the volleyball or basketball team. Or any sport at BYU. He wasn’t uncoordinated either. Carl McGowan was the teacher and coach of BYU Volleyball at that time.
There could be a couple. But I think it would be easier and better to just find a football player with size who is sitting a lot on the bench. Or just play who is playing rather than teaching someone how to play basketball at the college level. There are some transfers sitting this year 6’11” and 6’10” who can play next year. I think we are sitting well. Relax and just cheer on your Cougars from BYU :slight_smile: