Arthur C Brooks Commencement Talk

Did anyone just catch Arthur C Brooks commencement talk at the graduation this morning? FANTASTIC!!!
He reminded me of a dry water Member. He validates all that is good about BYU and the Church. He made the connection between BYU and the Church. And, the mission of both. I think it would be a great recruiting video for potential recruits. What are your thoughts?

I saw it live. It was pretty cool all of the good things he said. I believe he was genuine about his comments and I would recommend everyone who didn’t have the chance to hear it that they would watch and listen.

Elder Kearon also spoke. He was the GA who came to Ventura after the fires in Dec. of 2017. He’s a bro. I wish people had given him a standing ovation for what he said. Brooks was great but apparently we only give standing ovations for non members, haha.

I guess when you end a talk “in the name of Jesus Christ, amen” no clapping. If you don’t, standing ovation! Makes sense :slight_smile:

Kearon got lots of clapping too.

I like the guy a lot. He has a great appreciation for the gospel and a perspective and understanding that is refreshing. Having joined the church at age 26, he is impressive.

I think anyone joining the Church in their mid 20’s is impressive :innocent:

I just need to change what I said a little. I like you too… you have a great appreciation for the gospel…

I’ll end it there. :crazy_face: