Attention Jim Hawks!

Now that I have your attention. LOL
I know in the past you have made several comments about BYU football (and some basketball) recruiting and what you thought of the process.

BYU football recruiting: Jasen Ah You talks how Big 12 has changed Cougars - Deseret

I ran across this article in Deseret News that talks directly to the Recruiting coordinator for BYU football Jasen Ah You (Chaz’s dad, sorry nepotism is going on here).

I found the article interesting and informative, thought you might like to read it as well.

Personally, I never liked Bronco Mendenhall approach to recruiting (at least my perception of it) that the player had to “prove” to him (Bronco) that they deserved to play for BYU. That in my opinion is why we never had many players going to the NFL.

I will let you read the article and comment on what you think…

And NO, I was not calling you out or anything, this article made me think of the comments you have made over the years.

YA! JIM HAWKS!!! DO WE HAVE YOUR ATTENTION??? Grrrrrr…… :innocent:

In your eye!
National Championship here we come! And players from Utah too! :innocent: