Austin and Medical RS

If Austin is granted his application for a medical RS, I’m all for it. With or without Nate, this year’s edition is not good enough to make noise at the Dance (if even invited). However, a front line next year of Aytes, Davis and Austin could be very formidable. This year we can’t rebound or defend the paint to save our lives, and it has cost several games. Imagine that front line next year with KC at PG–rebounding and post D would go from a major liability to a major strength. Austin is a real nice kid and I for one think for all his hard work he deserves a full senior season, instead of a few garbage preseason games and a few tentative, meaningless late season games, which is how he ends his BYU career if he comes back in a week or two.

If you think next year will be great, just wait till the year after that and the year after that, it’s going to be crazy 4 years from now. I’m hearing 5 years from now will be shocking.

I’m glad you agree :slight_smile: With Austin, Aytes and Davis we should be significantly–as in a lot–better next year. And yes, I’m almost drooling at the thought of a front court the following year of Aytes/Davis/Mika/Dastrup and a junior Kaufusi. Life is good here in the world of Glass Half Full!!

If you think basketball will be awesome in the next few years, wait till you see how football goes!

Having R.A. and his ultra-consevative approach coming back on the offensive side and N.H. leading the defense again BYU will be unstoppable! And with the way B.M. iced opposing kickers on PAT’s? The sky is the limit!

The indy schedule will leave BYU with nobody to play after they run the table and the college playoffs to win the national championship. :slight_smile:

Now that is some serious blue goggle vision.

I can’t wait, some day things are going to be so great!!!

It will be interesting to see if next year is better. Winder, Haws, Halford & Sharp all leave for sure. Austin is up in the air and hopefully Collinsworth stays and doesn’t declare for the draft. I am wondering if either Nixon, Toolson, Andrus, or all 3 will go on missions.

It appears the key players returning for sure will be:


So far all of the above returning players appear to be role players at best and not impact players except Fischer when he is hot. Bartley has potential. Kaufusi has raw athletic ability.

Marginal players returning for sure:

Ellis - I could see him not returning.

New Additions:

Davis - RS
Aytes - RS
Emery - RM
Chapman - RS
Calvert - RM

New Recruits? Who are they and will they play or immediately go on missions?

How do the new additions compare to the players lost? Haws of course will be missed and Winder for sure. Halford has his moments but will not be a key loss. Sharp hardly ever plays anymore. Hopefully Austin and Collinsworth both return. Davis and Aytes should give BYU at least some offense from the post. Can Bartley or Chapman fill Winder’s role? Can Emery be an immediate impact player?

I am wondering about next year because I have written off this year as an NIT year at best.

If Austin and Collinsworth return I would speculate that the starting lineup would be:


keys subs:
possibly Toolson and Nixon if they don’t opt for missions.

If Austin returns and with the two redshirt post players I see Worthington’s role reduced. Neilson doesn’t seem to be on the coach’s radar right now.

Maybe a transfer or new freshman recruit might be in the mix.

Anybody have any insight, or comments, other than blue goggle hype or sarcasm?

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thanks for sharing and great analysis. You can edit your profile by clicking on your profile and click edit. Some of us have had no problem and others seem to not be able to change it.

I can’t say anything on Bartley. He should be playing big minutes but can’t find his way off the bench. Emery, Davis, Collinsworth, Aytes Fischer and Austin are all starters. If Kaufusi and Neilson can hit the weights and learn some basic defense, we should be alright.

seriously Reed… you are asking for something other than blue goggle hype or sarcasm? I’m not sure I’m capable of doing that. There… see what I mean?

Anyhow, I don’t understand why Nielson isn’t being developed more. He must not practice well. I know he has his weaknesses but IMO those are things that can improve. I think his inexperience hurts him on the floor but like Kaufusi, I see potential. He has some decent moves and has scored the basketball. He blocks shots and makes good passes. Not sure why Rose doesn’t use him more… and Bartley for that matter, not sure why he is riding pine. This year is fading fast and I think part of the reason is because of the lack of big man development. Now is a good opportunity to do that.

This team doesn’t need anymore 3 point shooters… it’s a disease that is killing them right now.

Just my opinion.

Good opinion Jim. I like optimism but I’m getting more tempered in my expectations. The hard part with BYU is you never are quite sure what next year looks like. We can project, but how it all unravels is another matter. Replacing Haws will be a tough act. Emery will be good, but he will still be a freshman with medical issues. One could hope that you will see Frank Jackson but who knows. Their is enough talent coming in to fill backcourts and small forwards, but if I was Rose, I would really be giving Neilson and Kafusi a good look the rest of the season and hitting the big men in the JC’s and possibly a Euro connection for next year. When Mika gets back I hope things are looking really good, but not sure about next year-I mean Aytes is supposed to be good, but I haven’t seen him play so right now it’s just hype which is ok. Try and recruit like Gonzaga- I know -unlikely-but can you imagine that front line with Haws and Kyle. Sabonis is only a freshman and shooting over 70% and getting a ton of rebounds-sorry just day dreaming! And Dave-Start playing Frank Jr-really he was better last year than 3 or 4 of your players who are getting more minutes than he is!
Head scratcher

Great post and great analysis! Toolson attempted to serve mission but could not due to a medical condition–if I recall it was an anxiety condition. Nixon leaves for his mission after this season. If KC declared I would be shocked beyond belief if he were even drafted. He can overpower all comers on the guard line and have his way in the paint in the Rec League but good luck with that in the NBA. He has no shot yet IMHO (pun intended). I too am mystified that FB4 isn’t getting more run. Coach needs to play him and just tell him not to shoot jumpers, and he could really help us.

Why are you saying “if KC returns?” Do you know something? He’s not ready for the NBA. He has to develop an outside shot.