Back to the MWC

Jason Buck thinks BYU should go back to the MWC if it can’t get into the Big 12. I know there is a lot of bad blood between BYU and Craig Thompson. The MWC didn’t allow BYU the TV rights they had promised and BYU fans were frustrated at the lack of access to watch games. Independence has been great as far as TV coverage. There are some great teams coming to BYU as we get deeper into the independence era. The only real downside to not playing in a conference is the chance to play for a conference championship and group of 5 access to a major bowl. For all other sports, the WCC is working out pretty well. The only downside is that the basketball venues are small but its nice to have games on the West coast. I guess I’m not so sure that the MWC would be better than Independence. There are pros and cons. If BYU did go back to the MWC, they would need to have a better contract so that fans would have TV access. I do like Buck’s suggestion that BYU add another 20,000 seating capacity to Lavell Edwards Stadium. I think it would get filled on a consistent basis.

I just made a comment at DN on that article.

  1. No - if Craig Thompson is still around.
  2. Former President Cecil Samuelsson, Tom Holmoe and BOT want exposer for the LDS Church and they got it.
  3. If we don’t get a new espn contract or join to better tv network. Then form a new league of our own - part MWC, AAC and Big 12 leftovers (if OU, OSU and Texas leave)
  4. 80,000 - add a retractable dome incase of Lightning Storm or any Bad Storm. We still want to show our beautiful mountain to tv audience.
  5. Basketball Darling - WCC Belongs to Zags and Gaels. MWC - why go back to Thomas Mack Center for conference Championship? We form our new League then host at the Pepsi Center in Denver.

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