Basketball and new board

I like many others are trying to figure out this board after many years on the “old” cougarfan board. I am eager to see how our considerable talent at guard will mesh with our considerable yet unproven and raw talent in the post. If we defend the perimeter we can have a good year. If we leave guys open on the line like in our first game it will be a long and frustrating year.

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From what I saw last night against UALR the perimeter is deep with scoring talent, but the defense is suspect. We’ll have to wait until they play decent teams to really know how good this team really is.

So here I am, replying to my own message in an attempt to figure out why there is no traffic on this board.

I think people are not comfortable with it so they are instead complaining on the old site about the new one. I think people should give it a try before they knock it.

Well at least we are here and trying to figure out how to initiate dialog on this site…I’m hoping the other traditional posters all wind up on this site. I appreciate the knowledge and commitment to the “old” board, and even enjoy the sparring between the sometimes warring factions.

What “Warring fractions”???

I am glad that I don’t do that… :O)

Who else thinks that Kafusi needs to start instead of Worthington? I’m guessing it’ll happen at some point, I’d just rather see defense and no offense rather than no defense or offense.

I agree that Kaufusi should start over Worthington. Kaufusi seems to be the only big guy with enough athleticism to score. I think BYU only have like 2 pts in the paint vs. Utah. That was a dunk by Kaufusi. Worthington is not athletic. He’s just a big body with 5 fouls.

Long time reader on the old board and now, like you, trying to figure this thing out. First reply so we will see what happens.

While the guard line is good, I get frustrated at how soon and how many times they jack up the treys. Of course, with how our paint guys keep getting “painted” I guess I can’t blame the guards for jacking up the treys. We do get an occasional dunk from Kafusi when guards drive/roll and dish. The Utah game was the most frustrating game for me to watch.

I agree. At least Kafusi is showing improvement each game. I wonder how Worthington even made the team, let alone, start.

I think Rose is trying to keep the foul situation under control with the three big men. Undoubtably Kaufusi is the best of the three, but by picking his spots to use him it facilitates Rose using him in critical situations without the down side of fouling out. Just a guess, but all three are foul prone.

I think that the creators of this new Board don’t have a clue as to what the old board was or how it fit with its readers. BB

There is no in game response section on this new Board.

Again, apparently responding to myself. How can we get all of the replies? Like 298 replies or whatever.

What, reply to myself AGAIN!!!

What does 253 views mean? What does Activity mean, I mean the number of? How can this stuff, posts, Activity, etc. be accessed?

There is an ‘in-game’ category. When a post thread is created, you can tag it as ‘in-game’.

What do you mean by “tag it as an in game…?” How do you tag what? What do you mean by “tag?”

When creating a new topic, that topic has a way to be tagged, or categorized. One of the categories is “in-game”. I called it tagging because that is what looks like to me as what is going on.