Basketball changes: Brown gone, Lee arrives

According to Greg Wrubell, Kajon Brown is transferring and Kolby Lee is enrolling this next semester.

First, Brown: He wasn’t contributing a whole lot during the season, at least during the games. I can see why he wants to transfer. I won’t say “no big loss” because I don’t know about his practice contributions.

Second, Lee: Living in Boise, I’ve seen Kolby play a few times. He is big, slow, lumbering, and last year’s Idaho Player of the Year. That said, the end of the year award might be because he was much bigger than anyone he faced all year. He reminds me a lot of Jake Schoff, which is not a bad thing. He can be an enforcer who takes up a lot of space. I wonder, however, if he’s in game shape and how much contribution he can have this late in the season. I also wonder what this says about Shaw and Andrus and their abilities to play this year.

I thought he was going on a mission which was the reason the didn’t show up earlier…The timing of the announcements does make me wonder which came first the Kajon transfer or the Kolby enrollment.

Yes, mystery and intrigue surrounding the BYU basketball program. It is a little strange. I don’t like it when a player comes home early (Seljaas) or doesn’t even go (Lee) because it makes it seem like basketball is more important. I don’t think the team has benefitted from Seljaas coming home early and I don’t think they will benefit from this freshman kid joining the team now. The only thing he will be good for is some fouls…

I’ll give Seljaas the benefit of the doubt and say that his coming home was shoulder-related and not basketball-related. Insofar, as Lee is concerned, I’m not sure why he changed his mind. I thought he had already gone.

You say coming home early means basketball is more important. Maybe they weren’t being effective or going to be effective as missionaries because there are other circumstances we aren’t privileged to.
One of my brother in laws didn’t go on a mission. He got married in the temple instead. He died a righteous man.
Danny Ainge didn’t go on a mission and now he’s a Stake President. I’m not downplaying the importance of a mission. I’m just saying not everyone can do it nor should if there are other unknown reasons :slight_smile: let’s welcome this young man. He may change his mind later.

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And Lee may go later. Maybe he will be married in the temple and have lots of children. Let’s welcome him and it Judge him :slight_smile:

Andrus is done for the season. They red shirted him. Shaw has been practicing with the team.

Here we go again with the “don’t judge” crap. I’m tired of people accusing others of “judging”. You have said yourself that judging is an important part of what we do in life to help us make decisions about things.

Just because somebody makes a comment about something (which is what this board is for) doesn’t mean it is a “judgement”.

I was just commenting that kids 18 years old aren’t always ready to go on missions. It doesn’t mean Lee didn’t go because of basketball. Nor does it mean Seljaas came back because of basketball. Missionaries come back every year from around the world early and play no sports. The key is to keep them active in Church while they develop a testimony.
My youngest son probably wanted to marry his girlfriend but thought if he goes on a mission she would get baptized. He was a good young man and would have been a great missionary. Something happened and he was sent home to deal with it. He wanted to go back out until a bishop broke confidentiality with a friend of his to get him to break up with his girlfriend, who is now his wife. From there, he found fault with all his leaders.
We just have to support these as much as any less actives we have.
By the way, we do love our daughter in law and is a perfect match for him. :slight_smile:

Awesome! :relaxed:

good trade. We need help in the middle.