Basketball is almost here

Yes, I know football practices have just begun, but I tend to be more of a basketball fan than a football fan. The final signee for this year has been added to the roster, the schedule is somewhat set, and the days are counting down. What are your thoughts about the upcoming season? Better than last year or not or are there too many unknowns?

Boise- I am excited also! It appears that if this team stays healthy they can be better than last years team. Matt H is the only big loss that isn’t being replaced and or upgraded. Big upside for BYU in bb considering the total upgrade in athletic ability and quickness on the overall roster. Let’s hope the FB team can crack the 9 win mark. It all rides on the defensive line and pass rush. Of course Hall will have to be healthy to keep us from rushing Conover into the game.

I am looking forward to new basketball season at BYU. Gavin Baxter need to play this all season injury free and I will be happy. No doubt that Gonzaga will make it to the final four again and BYU will play in the NCAA tournament again. BYU should do fine this year in basketball.

Yes it completely bugs me when they cover spring football practice more than the basketball team in tourney season…Not that Pope has figured out how to win in tourney season yet, but that was true of many HoF level coaches…Not that Pope will be but he’s off to a good start.

Given that the “final” signee is a walk-on redshirt, I wouldn’t be surprised to see one more schollie given out. Maybe to one of the non-scholarship types. Pope brings in enough of them that holding one a year for the MVP of previous year walk-ons may be a good incentive.
I am much more interested in seeing the non-conference schedule and the days to practice starts than to read the incessant preseason hype of the football team…

Too many unknowns, mostly the matchups given the paucity of scheduling information.
There are enough returnees to know a bit about how the beginning of the season may work. Pope does a good enough job of promoting from within to know that by February the team should be humming…now if he can get it to sing in March.

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Better at guard, older wiser at forward
just depends how they jell.

Assuming Baxter is not injured again
Cougars need Baxter to be healthy for upcoming season | BYU Men’s Basketball |

That will be an upgrade in the bigs department…
Somewhere, I think I heard Pope say that this team will be closer to the tj, toolson year than last year.

Another piece of the puzzle falls into place…thank you espn
Sources: BYU Basketball Expected to Play Oregon in November - Vanquish The Foe

I look forward to the game. I wish BYU would set up another home and home with Boise State.

every year against the best of the MWC is a good idea…all the new coaches there it looks like they will be improving…Arizona, New Mexico, SDSU, UNLV, if the conference were in the east they would have a buzz right now.

Ahh, Baxter…why do you tease us soo much. He had that one monster game of 25 pts. then back to the second guessing. Baxter has all the skills to be an NBA player, I watched him in HS, he absolutely dominated but the real problem has always been between his ears. He needs to watch some rocky films and emulate Drago!

Lohner also was apprehensive…Lets hope this year, they come out swinging and throwing their weight around. Both are 20-10 guys

In the meantime, I enjoyed watching Childs play on the Lakers summer team. He should stick with some team out there

with AB, and George, and yes I think this team is stronger on paper than all but the best of the Dave Rose years, well and maybe Frank Arnold’s best years as well…but still no pre-season love from the blabberoty of the ncaa bball world, despite two straight seasons of near top ten quality regular season performances…
Still waiting for the schedule though…

There has been a lot of talk about how BYU was left out of the top 25 in football as well. The bar for the P5s is sooooo low. A G5 has no chance.

BYU Football: Open letter to all AP Poll voters (

As for the basketball team, I really don’t care, We all have access to the playoffs. Pope has the assets to play with anybody this year.

Hey Chris this is about basketball not football but what the heck:)
“ Open letter to AP voters”
I hate to say this do I really care? The reason I say this preseason voters make no sense because I remember ND in past always get the top five votes every single year and they won’t admit that they are wrong.
1 Alabama 2 Clemson 3 Ohio State 4 Notre Dame………. Same boring votes.
Anyway I had a feeling BYU would not be in it but more surprising Boise State is not in it either (sort of)

The reason why it is so important to get early rankings is two fold:

When a ranked team losses, they “stick around until they loss 2”. That is why so many P5’s get in a NY6 game with 2 or more losses.

When a ranked team wins, they shoot up the rankings because so many teams loss that were over rated. Go cougs, If we Beat Utah, BYU gets a real shot at a NY6 game