Baxter or Worthington

So, if Baxter starts who should jump ball? Baxter or Childs?

IF Gavin Baxter start? Do you really believe he should start which I sure hope so!

Yoeli Child 6-8 and Gavin Baxter 6-9 + Extra Arm Length - should be Gavin Baxter.
But Luke Worthington is 6-10. Who was doing most of the Jump ball?
Last game against smc at the the MC, Luke Worthington was playing 6 minutes and Gavin Baxter 27 minutes. Will Dave Rose going to remember for more minutes to Baxter?

Baxter can out jump Worthington. He should start.

Childs, 6’6 and change at best. Standing next to seljass, he is shorter but he has a wing span of close to a 7 footer. Bax has a 3 ’ leap and a 7’3 wing span

Don’t think so. He’s 6’8”

Everybody lies…everyone

Well, that took about 30 seconds

That was 2015. Probably measured in 2014 or earlier. His stats today say he grew a couple of inches. Not unusual. You live up there? Go measure him :slight_smile: