Baxter, playing this season?

I wouldn’t do it, nooo way. Get into the weight room and put some muscle around that shoulder. 9 months is the average rehab, I would go the full year.

I hope he is fully healed and I doubt he would be by the end of the season. Right now he can take a medical redshirt so I don’t think it would be worth wasting a year of eligibility to have him come back for the tourney … he would be so rusty that it probably wouldn’t help the team.

I read the article and my thought was it was risky to come back given the injury, and like you said, he has been out of action all year and may not contribute much. Pope went to medical school and knows a little bit and I would hope he would counsel him not to try to come back this year.

Some players play through torn Labrums. Howard did with the Lakers. Kobe played through 2 torn labrums. However, they didn’t have surgeries. Once the surgeries were done, the recovery has to go through its proper process. Physical therapy and strengthening through time. We can wait for next year. It would be unfair to Baxter to lose 80% of a season just to win a few basketball games.

Well, that got answered.
Bax. can get the rust out these next two games @ LMU and @ San Diego
If he can get into the flow, he could really help against Gonzaga in about 2 weeks. He would really help in post season. I have always been on pins and needles about our lack of big men all season long.

He doesn’t plan on playing 3 additional years at BYU-so it’s the rest of this year and 2 more

I agree with your post. To me Baxter was wasted being put into last night’s game for just a few minutes.

Turns out that a whole lot of people were consulted and involved in the process. And, Baxter himself was the chief advocate, wanting to play with this senior laden team and very close friend, Childs.

Just seems like a rush job to me, that is my only worry. If Baxter is up to the task, he gives BYU depth where we have been seriously lacking. He is so athletic, he can spell Childs, play the 5, makes guards think twice about driving the lane, serious blocker (BYU is rock bottom in block % nationally, and help with rebounding (also rock bottom, nationally)

While I am at it…….there are 3 stats that BYU is rock bottom at nationally: 1- driving and drawing fouls on the opposing team (that stat will not change as BYU leads the nation at shooting 3s). 2-Shots Blocked. 3- O and D rebounding. The last 2 Baxter can certainly influence. So yeah, maybe not so much now but in WCC play and the big dance, Baxter can be the difference in seeding and whether BYU makes it to the Sweet 16 and beyond.

Over and over…Baxter has stated he will play 2 more seasons and move on. Maybe play for someone else for a season. I think that means next year will be his last with BYU. Fish seems to get in practices and can find out for sure. But that’s what Baxter himself has said.

Prediction…we will be seeing more and more of Bax in the next few games. I would not be surprised to see a 10 minute game out of him tonight

I agree. Maybe 15 minutes if he looks like he isn’t lost. He needs to be ready for the WCC Tournament and we need to stay in 2nd place. We need these 2 wins this week. No bad road losses.