Baxter's down for the season

BYU basketball: Loss of Gavin Baxter for season changes things for BYU - Deseret News

That was such a weird sequence of events, Just checks back into the game, UVU player goes down for a layup and Baxter follows to contest the shot, WITHOUT contact, his knee buckles (at least the TV guys said no contact). Weird.

My wife’s family has an health issue what the doctor’s told us was called “Brittle Bone” disease (I am sure there is some long drawn out name for it).

Wonder if Baxter has something similar?

Nope… ACL injuries has become quite common in sports and happens without contact. It happens more in women than men. Shaylee Gonzalez, player for BYU’s women’s basketball team had it happen a couple of years ago. A couple of girls on the volleyball team as well and soccer. The stress from jumping, sliding and other activities wears the ACL down.
Doesn’t have anything to do with the bones…

I think Floyd’s reference was to something hereditary when he said “similar” because he mentioned his wife’s “family”. You really need to work on the reading comprehension issues. I’m sure it is a major factor in the issues you have with everyone here on a regular basis. I would not be shocked to find out that Baxter has close relatives that have been susceptible to similar injuries.

I was a little surprised when I busted both my achilles tendons playing basketball, two years apart. Then my dad tells me that his older brother busted both of his achilles tendons playing tennis when he was younger. I put 2 and 2 together and realized that, genetically speaking, I was probably susceptible to having that injury occur more than the average person might.

It is called logic, common sense and reason. This is something that most people innately have I believe but some people seem to be able to draw on it more easily than others.

I have tried to teach you over the years but, like I said, some people are able to draw on it easier than others.

His reference of similar was about brittle bone disease. You need to improve your reading comprehension. That’s an easy one.
So, can ACL injuries be a family thing? Doubt it. The tear is all about the pounding the joint takes and the position of the ligament when it happens. Now, there are more women who have ACL tears. So, that’s the only link that is known. You should listen to the Weekend Warrior, Dr. Robert Klapper on 7:10 am radio on Saturday mornings and you might know more on this subject.

I gave you an example from my own experience. You like to rely on what other people tell you instead of knowing for yourself. That’s okay.

There are absolutely hereditary character traits about all of us, physical, mental, emotional, etc. that are passed down from generation to generation. These things can also include stuff that is acquired, like a proclivity for alcoholism, drug abuse, mental disorders, etc.

Thanks. But this is about and injury. Not brittle bone disease…

It looks that way but Baxter and Almeq had just started to lean on each other. There was no shove or hip check, it was very weird. Being at the game, the place went quiet. I had to look at the recording to see the leg just buckle inward.

Makes me sick to my stomach to watch Baxter injured again. He put 3 full years into rehabbing. To come back from 1 major injury is tough mentally, to do it three times, is really unheard of. and to think he was finally playing at a high level. Heal up Brother, Cougar nation is there for you.

People who drink a lot of Soda can have calcium leach from their bones, Could be dietary or it could be genetic.

I think everyone has logic…common sense, a big no.
For Hopper, it is logical for him to throw crap out there and have everyone just believe him.

Jim is correct in his assumption of what I was doing.
I was giving as an “Example” of a hereditary health issue (like my wife’s family brittle bone issue) could be the reason that Baxter seems to have knee issues.

I can tell you with 100% certainty, that hereditary health issues really happen. My mom had bad knees, of the five children she had, 4 has had to have knee replacements, just like my mom did. My orthopedic surgeon also told me that is probably got my “bad knees”.

Sorry you could understand I was giving brittle bone as an example of what i was talking about, but then like Jim said, Your reading comprehension is truly lacking.

For my wife family, they are into living more healthy, they don’t drink soda (unlike me of course :open_mouth: ). Although my wife grandmother before she passed had a beer and milkshake diet to try to help her keep weight on…

But I believe the issue comes from her great grandmother who always seemed to be breaking a bone at a drop of the hat.

Never said it was… I gave an example of a hereditary health issue found in my wife family and was wondering if that is why Baxter seems to have knee issues. That is called a logical assumption.

It’s not crap about this brittle bone disease being hereditary on Baxter’ injury. An ACL is not bone. Your take on it with the soda and dietary is more plausible. But, not with ACL injuries. Most are non-contact injuries. They just tear from weakness and the pounding from playing. There’s also more ACLs with women.

The only biological thing with ACLs is women have them tear more than men. I have lots of experience with knee injuries. My left knee has gone out 6 times and I’ve had 3 knee surgeries. Two of them for congenital knee cap sliding outward over time. I’m very well versed in knee injuries and recouping From them. Painful and being patient with a lot of hard work. Baxter can do it if he wants to.

I like your grandmother

I drink a lot of soda, but also plan to avoid any confrontations in the paint with Aimaq.

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LOL!, you still don’t get what he is referencing or you do and your comments are purposefully implying that you don’t. This is the very thing that aggravates others and I still wonder why you do it. You could still have your whacky opinions and be able to recognize the lack of understanding yet you choose not to. It is a strange dichotomy.

Is that where your brain is located?