Be careful what you wish for

You got what you all wanted. No complaints going forwards. We will see if we become like Gonzaga or like Portland St.

Scott, Having you ever heard of the theory that someone has reached their “peek” in coaching?

Rose did a great job with BYU basketball to turn it around from what it was. However, it seemed to me that he lost his edge in coaching shortly after his bought with cancer.

for the past several years, the performance of the team has been backwards not forward. He has had several good to great players transfer.

So, I think he felt he should step down to try to get “new air” into the program.

No one said he was a bad coach or that he was a bad person.

I say great comments Floyd.

Hopper would accuse you of hating Coach Rose.

Interesting how the same comment can elicit two completely different replies. The more perplexing thing is that grasshopper is the ONLY one who will accuse you of being a hater. It is all part of his “rebel without a cause” stance he takes on everything we discuss.

Juvenile comment… how sad. :roll_eyes:

I know you are capable of much better.

PS - do you have a calling in the new ward?

You are using the “peeking” concept I talked about years ago and blasted for :slight_smile:

I disagree with you that he stopped coaching hard. To me that’s what Jim calls a juvenile comment :grinning:

Oh, great … if Hopper is in a new ward they will have to fill the men’s or youth bb coach spot! If Hopper is called … apostasy will be rampant!!

I guess they could just call him to be a referee… in the stake??? There is always a needed time keeper!!

1st C in Sunday School Presidency

I think it was a good time for Rose to step down but I am a bit sad as well. He had a remarkable run and he ranks first among BYU coaches in a number of areas,

30 win seasons in 2009-10 and 2010-11 (2), nobody else ever won 30 games at BYU in a single season.

Highest career winning percentage.

20 win seasons 13

post season tournament appearances 13

NCAA tournament games won (4), tied with Stan Watts.Watt’s coached more years and also lost more NCAA tournament games.

Only Stan Watts won more conference titles 8 to Rose’s 4 and only Stan Watts won more games. Watt’s career at BYU was 9 years longer.

He dominated in state rivalries like no other BYU coach before him. His record against the U was 14-6 and was easily the best ever in terms of winning percentage against the U.

I never bought into the idea that he didn’t recruit well. The current roster has 3 ESPN top 100 recruits and maybe 4. He lost some good players to transfers but brought in some good ones as well. Players transferring these days seems to be the norm. My biggest issue in recent years is that the talent didn’t perform up to expectations. Maybe that was Rose’s fault but I can’t fault him on recruiting. Maybe he wasn’t developing the talent he got. In his early years I think he got more out of less talent than what he has had in recent years. I don’t fault him for recruiting the Lone Peak 3. They were all very highly rated recruits who could have gone and played about anywhere except for a handful of very elite programs. He would have been a fool not to recruit them. Mika was outstanding but left after 2 years, Haws has been very good for the most part, and Emery started out very good but has backslid.

Given the limitations of recruiting at BYU I think Rose did about as well as you could expect. The biggest issue in my opinion has been player development in recent years and some curious decisions on who got minutes in some cases.

Overall Dave Rose had a great career and the real debate is whether he or Stan Watts was the greatest BYU basketball coach ever. There are arguments for both. Whoever replaces him will have his work cut out for him in trying to equal Rose’s record. The historical record is in the books and the stats don’t lie. Everything else is just opinion.

I hope the new coach can put new life into the program just as Rose did when Steve Cleveland left. Right now I look back and I am very grateful for the Rose era in BYU basketball. No matter what the recent trend has been the 14 year record is hands down the greatest 14 year period in BYU basketball history. Every other BYU coach had some losing records during their tenure. Even as disappointing as this season was he is still leaving the program in a better place than he found it in.

I wish he could have broken Watt’s record for career wins but he felt the time was right to leave and he said numbers on a page didn’t mean much to him. I hope he has a great retirement and I hope BYU fans appreciate what he accomplished. I have followed BYU basketball since 1961 and BYU never had a really bad year under Rose. Even this year, although a big disappointment, wasn’t what I would call a bad year. Watts had several bad years, as did Frank Arnold and Glenn Potter. Steve Cleveland had a few bad years, Roger Reid had one horrible year, and Ladell Anderson’s last season was a losing season.It is instructive that in a year where he went 19-13 and beat Utah and USU he had his worst season. I think he was a victim of his earlier success as much as anything. Sometimes you just can’t live up to your own past record. Even Lavell Edwards experienced that in a good number of his last few years in coaching.

Excellent post! The last paragraph really is inciteful. How many coaches in America would give an arm or leg for 19 wins?

I will concur with the grasshopper that aro made an excellent post. I have no problem agreeing with someone who makes logical, well informed comments and validates their opinions with reality and truth. I agree with nearly everything aro stated, but I am not 100% in agreement. I would say about 90%.

Aro, my primary disagreement is with the recruiting aspect of your comments and how it connects to the other things that were going on. Has Rose always been a lazy recruiter? No. However, over the last several years as the program has slid in a downward direction, I believe he has. Look at the roster and where ALL of the players are from. There hasn’t been much effort to bring in outside guys. There is a bubble in Utah valley and now it is hampering recruiting. Yeah, it’s great that they have some top 100 guys (I’m guessing Emery, Haws and Baxter?) but 2 of them are LP3 and the other sat on the bench a big part of the season. How in the world do you sit a top 100 guy and play a Luke W. instead? How do you chase a top 100 guy (Dastrup) away for the same reason? It is indicative of the downward direction over the past several years.

He brought in a lot of players from all over the place, including out of state and foreign players who made significant contributions over the years. Why did that change? Because he got lazy and lost his passion. I blame most of it on the LP3 debacle because he believed he had the golden ticket in his backyard so why look elsewhere. Yes they were highly rated players but so what? It was too easy and we see how it ended up. One guy left early, one got the program in trouble and one has suffered through the ups and downs of arrogance, attitude (shut the f up… LOL) and disappearing in big games his entire career.

I am glad BYU had all those 20 win seasons but that wasn’t a challenging or difficult task and the 30 point losses and end of game meltdowns this season were just more indications of an underlying problem. They just didn’t improve much this past season either. Many of the teams they beat early were much better than BYU at the end of the season but that is just my opinion.

Regardless, I do agree with most of what you wrote and thus I agree with the hopper on this topic. I know you have no problem with what I have written as well and if you disagree with me that is okay because I respect your opinions. You don’t just disagree for the sake of disagreeing like certain insects do.

His last paragraph was insightful, not inciteful. Your posts are the ones that are inciteful and not insightful. There is a big difference between the meaning of the two words so it is important to use the correct spelling. Look it up next time before you use the word. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Upon further reflection I might modify what I said about recruiting. I think it was good until the last few years. The Lone Peak three, Childs, Baxter & Harding all go back several years. Harding and Baxter just got off missions before last season. Since those two and Childs I can’t really think of anybody noteworthy that has been brought in who can be impact players. I think his recruiting was good until the last couple of years. I still think his biggest problem recently was getting the most out of the talent he had and keeping some good players happy. The problem for the new coach will be recruiting talent to rebuild the program to where it was from 2007-2011.

Quincy Lewis has been brought up from Dave Rose on KSL tonight news. And Mark Pope was mentioned as well.