Be honest many of you out there thought BYU would make the dance?

Back in January when the wheels came off and BYU lost back to back at home to Pepperdine and @ SDU. I outlined how we ranked with last year’s team and why we could go dancing but it was a very hopeful dream. Granted we had to have SMC fall flat on it’s face, and they did and BYU had to do something that they have not done in years…not lose for about a month.

I thought we could get in without beating Gonzaga just on wins and our RPI but I may have been wrong, I guess we will never know. But be truthful now, How many of you thought we could do it?

I didn’t lose hope but is was circling the drain. I was at the St Mary’s game in Moraga. I didn’t think we’d played well, but we did have some injuries that I could hide behind. That said, when we’d lost at San Diego I started to think about next year.

I didn’t think we had a shot, never been so glad I was wrong. I was also wrong about KC, I thought they rushed him back too soon and feared another injury, very glad I was wrong on that. It took him a bit, but once he got back in shape he has looked better than ever.

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as long as you’re on a roll here, how about we address that beer thing as well. :wink:

You did it once, you did it twice, that third admission is the “charm”.

I’ll be honest and the first to admit I did not think BYU would make it.

I was shocked when they beat Gonzaga on the road, certainly more shocked than I will be if they win tonight. They annihilated Portland…

A lot has changed/improved since we talked about this months ago.

Kaufusi has replaced Worthington as the guy holding down the inside, something that should have taken place last year. He has been really consistent and made huge contributions the last few weeks. The scoring record belongs to Haws so we don’t have to sweat that. Halford’s confidence has grown. Bartley and Sharp contribute in their roles.

Most importantly they are peaking and they look like a basketball team now. The passing, unselfishness and team play has been fantastic.

If you think agreeing with the WOW about
mild drinks is bad, I better keep my other thoughts to myself.

10 And again, verily I say unto you, all wholesome herbs God hath ordained for the constitution, nature, and use of man—

I’m sure God has a hand in the internet and not Al Gore. But, man has shown that he/she can abuse the internet too. So, a prophet came along and said no alcoholic beverages, period. Another came along and said no blacks in the Priesthood for awhile. Revelation doesn’t come from your interpretations of the scriptures. And, doctrine doesn’t either. I’ll follow the prophet while you can follow the profit :wink:

The last two games were not stellar for Sharp. He’s back to his old game. Start Barkley and run the guard offense like we did against Gonzaga the last time.

Your two examples just proved my point, prophets aren’t always infallible, they sometimes make mistakes when they use their personal feelings on race, food, ect get in the way. It’s why we don’t believe in “so let it be written, so let it be done.” We believe in personal revelation as well as further clarification down the line by other leaders to correct missinderstanding of previous regimes.

Oh, and never has a prophet said what you just quoted, alchohol is used in all sorts of ways, even by GA’s.

LOL!!! President Kimball didn’t apologize for Joseph Smith, Brigham Young or any preceding prophet (the Lord’s mouth piece). As far as the word of wisdom, it became a commandment to follow and has not been changed by The Lord who instructed the prophets that anyone enters His House, they do it unworthily if they break the commandment. No mistake on either. Just as it was no mistake in OT times that blacks and whites not of the tribe of Levi were prohibited from holding the priesthood.
The Lords guides the Church and the doctrine of the Church through those who hold the Keys of the Kingdom. That would not be you.

I did not. Agree that Sharp who was touted as a Savior after a decent game or two has not been of late. Bartley struggled last night and is struggling tonight. He has been a turn over machine. Tighten up boys. You can beat the WCC sweethearts again!

They only made it to a qualifying game, and showed they don’t belong in this 64 team playoff! Biggest choke game I ever witnessed!! Can’t believe our loss!! NIT would of suited us much better!!! One and done yet another year!