Beat Utah @ Provo 8/29/19

Think Oklahoma @ the New Cowboy Stadium.
Think Texas at Provo.
ThinkTexas at Texas.
Think Texas at Texas again.
Think Wisconsin at Wisconsin.
Think Arizona at Glendale.
Think Nebraska at Nebraska.
Think Notre Dame at Provo.
Think Kansas State at Cotten Bowl.
Think Utah at BYU in 2019
Beat Utah!

I like you positive thinking! Send those positive waves to the players of BYU!!! The wait is over!

Call me a prophet of doom, but I give our Cougars a 5% chance of winning on Thursday. Are Pac-12 refs being used? Aside from officiating, here are the problems:

  1. Utah is loaded with a strong deep team picked to win the Pac-12 South.
  2. Utah has way more team speed on the outside than us. Our WR’s won’t be able to get open and our
    CB’s will struggle to cover. Our Safeties and LB’s will need to drop deeper into coverage leaving holes all over our defense.
  3. Our special teams never seem to make big plays. Utah is the opposite. That is due to Utah’s superior coaching and athletes.
  4. I’m not convinced that Wilson will be able to do anything special against a loaded defense. This is not Western Michigan.
  5. For whatever reason (coaching?), Utah always plays great against us and we flounder. Utah just seems to have our number.

Believe me, I’d LOVE a Cougar win. One of the top 50 moments of my life was being at Cougar stadium in 2001 when Staley took a pitch from Doman late in the game and ran about 40 yards for a go ahead TD. A thing of beauty. Another great one was in the mid-late 90’s when a Ute kicker missed a game winning FG. Someone here will remember that one.

Sorry guys. I just see no reason to be optimistic this week. To me, believing we will win is like hoping the people of America will realize the flaws of the liberal movement and will turn back to the right.

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We were up by 20 in the 4th quarter and took our foot off the pedal. They haven’t gotten that much better this year. No reason we can’t beat them.

I am not as dire in my prediction. I think our offense can score points but I am convinced that our weakest coach is our DC! He is only in that spot because of his friendship with Sitake! I think our defense is going to be a problem and good teams don’t win big games without a pass rush and solid defensive play.

I put our odds of winning at 20% but if by chance the defense shows up and Sitake helps his buddy out … if BYU is leading at halftime … our odds go to 60% for the win.

We were up by 20 in the 4th quarter and took our foot off the pedal. They haven’t gotten that much better this year. And we have improved. No reason we can’t beat them. I say 70% chance of winning.

Except for their starting RB and 2nd string and their starting QB. Those guys probably aren’t that important. Kind of like BYU going back to Tanner Mangum to start this game. …

How Witt got all of those 1st and 2nd rounders to stay another year, I’ll never know. I like our team a lot but we have unproven receivers outside of bushman. A lot of injuries in the DBs and a Dline that could not get a sack or pressure QBs last year. And all of the sudden we are cured?

Utah will play the run game and dare us to put points on their “best Dline in America”. Be prepared for a loooong night Cougs. It really boils down to our Oline vs. their Dline.

Craig: The BYU football program is far inferior to the PAC-12 Utah team after 9 years in P-5 play. Utah can recruit better than BYU because they are in the PAC-12. BYU has a fallacious notion that we can be competitvie with P-5 teams. Utah has proved that their program is far superior than BYU football program after nine years in the PAC-12. No questions asked.

And nine years of play for Utah in the PAC-12. BYU if far inferior to the Utah team in 2019. Playing that tough opening four game schedule vs, Utah, Tenn., USC and Wash. will be the undoing of BYU this season. 6 and 6 is our best chance in 3029. Wilson showed he is far inferior to the Utah Dline, Dbacks and QB tonite. BYU is inferior to Utah in RB’s, wide receivers and both lines and QB. Only #89 for BYU at tight end is superior to Utah. BYU is at the level of MWC and AAC, no better. Why not admit it and rejoin the MWC or join the AAC?

I know we lost but calm down. We score touchdowns instead of field goal and the bad interception and it’s a different second half. Wilson will learn from this.

prophetic. Wilson, 3 turnovers gifts Utah 20 points.

Utah is a NFL defense…they’re offense is going to betray them in big games, minus moss they are going to struggle.

And yet Tuiaki insisted on using a 3-4 defense even after Moss was gaining 12 yards a carry. I want to barf.

I’ll barf with you

Look at Larimer’s reply. He is correct, not you grasshopper. It’s the AAC or MWC for BYU, the truth came out last night again.

also prophetic…Tui runs the 3-4 even when we KNOW Moss is getting 12 YPC and we KNOW Moss is getting the ball again. Can’t we put a few more bodies on the line and a LB to fill any glaring holes? All I see in my dreams is Moss running through missed tackles. Barf Barf

Ok, I am going to take issue with Texcoug. Please either make a list of the pros and cons of joining a G5 conference or give it a break. I am tired of the complaining and wishing for a G5 conference and the good it would supposedly do for the BYU program in FB! Please come up with a list of the reasons this would be a good move so that the facts come into play or give it a break!

Would it make our team better? Would it give the program more money? Would it allow us to get better recruits? Would it result in being on TV more? Would it fill LES with more fans? Would it allow for football to provide money for all the other sports on campus? Would it attract better coaches? Would it lesson our expenses as a program? Would it get us a better bowl if we win 6 games? The list goes on and on.

All of you who want BYU to leave Indy … please start giving the rest of us some facts and figures and accurate info to support your position. I am tired of hearing he complaints without back up documentation.

We have to start winning most of the time no matter where or who we play. We have to start calling plays that make sense and utilize our play-makers. We really have to call and scheme a better defense. We have to instill self control in our players. We have to prioritize winning over friendships and hiring practices.

You tell me how joining a non P5 conference helps answer those questions and the ones I listed above.

You don’t think players can learn from mistakes? Wilson didn’t play all the games last year and this was his first this year. The fumble wasn’t his fault. The receivers got open and caught the ball. Williams runs well up the middle but needs the ball more. That will take pressure off Wilson.
The glaring problem was our defense got tired quickly in the second half. And, as others have said, the tackling was pathetic. That can be corrected.
The thing to look for next week is whether corrections have been made. Can the defense not make the mental mistakes. Can the offense improve and score inside the red zone. The offense can obviously move the ball.

Fish, thanks for knowing football. Over the last 5 years there’s only a few on this board who know football and can realistically project what the odds are of success or not. Fish is one of them. Anyone who came on the board and predicted BYU would run away with this game is wasting the time of readers. If BYU had played a 4-3 like they did in part of the first half, circled back on the offensive progression to plays that identified match up issues in our favor and had team discipline BYU would have lost a very close game or snuck out a win by a narrow margin. The heat has to come on Grimes for play calling woes and especially our DC for being D-3 talent at best.

Well, I completely agree with you on every point. Had we been able to stop the run and had more offensive plays in the second half we could have had a chance to win. I do believe we will see better defense next game. And we will see better play calling on offense and give the backs the ball more. Especially Williams. He’s very much like Jamaal.

Like you said, had the defense played the same D in the second half as they did in the first half, it would have been much closer with a chance to win. So, other than not giving Williams the ball more, what was wrong with Grimes? Our receivers were open. Wilson was 64% passing and ran the ball very well. He made a couple of errors that he will learn from. First game of the season and after surgery.
I think Wilson’s arm isn’t quite 100% yet. There were three passes he threw to the wrong shoulder of the receiver that last year he didn’t do. Next week I expect to see him complete those passes.
The fumble by Williams was William’s fault. The ball was where it was supposed to be but it was like Williams thought Wilson was going to keep it. That’s just learning to play together. Next game will be better.