Ben Cahoon is back!

Great to see Ben Cahoon back as receivers coach. I think we will see improvement in the receiving corps.

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Welcome back Ben

Welcome “Back II” Ben Cahoon!

He was certainly my first choice. Truly excited about this coaching staff. You get Cahoon and Detmer together with this team and can I get a Hallelujah?

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I agree with everybody who has posted so far. This is a great move for BYU. Glad to have him back.

Glad Sitake took my advice. Ok, not really but I had advocated for Cahoon and glad they went after him and got him.

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Two hall of famers: One at Quarter Back and the other at Receivers. What a combination. (Tye one on Ben)

One of them, in addition to being a hall of fame athlete, is also a Heisman Trophy Winner with 14 years experience in the NFL, while the other Hall of Fame athlete has about the same number of years in the Canadian Football League.

Any thoughts about Taysome Hill going for the Heisman with a Heisman trophy winner and hall of fame QB, personally coaching him how to pass that ball and Ben Cahoon, the Receivers Hall of Famer, teaching the receivers how to get open and catch Taysom’s passes,

I can see two great quarter backs on the field at the same time. Picture this:

One quarter back just barely to the right of center, playing as QB and the other QB just barely to the left of center, playing running back.

Both QB’s can pass the ball, while one of them specializes at running with the ball. With Jaamal Williams on the field also at the same time, the three of them could drive any defense nuts.

Will Tayson pass the ball or will he run the ball.

Will Tanner pass the ball or hand it off to Jaamal.

Will the tight end block or will he catch the ball. (Tight ends are back as receivers now guys).

Will Tanner pass the ball to Jason or will Jason pass the ball to Tanner, or what the heck can a defense count on??? Nothing !!!

Can anyone tell me why there are some young sports reporters saying that it would be bad to have two great QB’s on the same team? Why is great depth more harmful than weak depth? Why does there have to be controversy? Why can’t we just use both of them and be great? Why must we give away great talent and hope for the best with less than great talent?

1st we have to realize that if is a 50/50 that Tysom will transfer.

There is 0 chance that Detmer would field both QBs. Detmer will choose one and stay with him as the starter. The Oline has to know how they will block for him, be it Hill or Mangum.

Hill is a average passer and I doubt that Detmer can change him much. But I would much rather have Hill as the starter if he stays. With this rough schedule, Hill is a proven winner, add Williams and you have a couple of studs that rarely lose. If Tanner will play the backup (and I am fairly certain that he won’t and should not) BYU can have a special year.

Sounds like I’m double talking but reality is that Tanner has won the starting role and it would shock the football world if he sat while Hill assumed the starting role.

I think Hill will transfer.

I agree with your reasoning.
I disagree with what I believe will actually happen.

With coaches like Sataki, Detmer, and Cahoon, I really do believe that those coaches will find a way for both Hill and Mangum to play.

I think that the main theme of these coaches and those not mentioned also, is that the best players will be on the field as much as possible.

There will be many position changes. Some athletes may be asked to play on both sides of the field OF and DF.

I think that plays will be made to the strengths of Mangum. Plays will be made to the strengths of Hill. Plays will be made to the strengths of Williams. Plays will be made to the strengths of all of our 4 star players.

I believe that these coaches will not have any 4 star athlete sitting on the bench. I believe that as many plays as possible, all 4 star athletes will be on the field.

Roy I totally agree with you in regards to Ben Cahoon.