Beware, the Feelers are now out. Don't cave in

Deseret News, via ■■■■ Harmon is already talking about the possibility of us going back to the MWC.
He starts out by saying that it would be Basketball only, following the Zag’s move to the MWC. Only at the end, does he mention that the MWC may want the Football team as well if basketball is to return.

Think of all the bridges we burned in leaving the MWC. Think of how many coaches from that conference don’t like us or the way we left.

Not look at the bigger picture of what we went through to get the attention of some P5 universities to consider us as a P5 team for programing purposes only. Think about the number of P5 teams per season and the exposure that we now have on our schedule.

Yes, we had a nightmarish season in 2017, which is a season we would love to forget, but will never be able to. Yes, Our attendance to home games has dropped to levels not seen in recent history. Our away game attendance is even worse in 20187.

So, what do we do about it. Do we give up and go back to being a middle of the pac G5 team in a G5 conference that really doesn’t like our behavior because it is easier and cheaper, or do we put forth the effort, and the commitment to excellence and continue to reach our ultimate goal of just a few years ago.

Summary: Are we quilters or are we committed. People say that we are no ND. Well, we could be if our leadership was as committed as ND’s leadership.

We talk about Honor Code. Remember that Jim MacMann could not fulfill his life dream of playing for ND because his behavior, academic or social, did not qualify for ND so he came to play for us at BYU.

Think about it. Will we see BYU Football as important in the theme of things or do we take the eash way out.

I was taught as a child, that Faith without works is dead. Have we changed?

I think the key variable is investment. If they put in the money we might be able to make it work otherwise, I wouldn’t mind them pursuing a limited relationship with the MWC that lets us play them in a guaranteed number of games which we already do, but preserves some independence. If gonzaga leaves, then definitely bball. I can’t stand the thought of losing the conference to St. Mary’s over and over and over.

I say go all in with all sports into the MWC.

I’m concerned with the TV deal. It was the single most frustrating aspect. I wouldn’t mind never having to schedule Umass again. But for BYU to make any waves, we would have to schedule heavy for the first 3 games still. That’s not going away. Probably at least 2 underdog games, and it will be much harder to schedule them because now we’ll be a G5 in fact instead of how many teams have considered us.

Why do we want to go back with Craig Thompson? I would like to leave this stinken wcc rec gyms and go back to mwc for all sports EXCEPT FOOTBALL. And for TV, I like to see all games “Live/Replays” on BYUtv and continue with ESPN - basketball & Olympic sports. And no more TMC (UNLV) Cnference Basketball Tournament - move it to MGM. Clean up those end of October and all November football schedule by playing those 5 or 6 MWC games. As for ftooball revenue facing those mwc schools - we keep 50% and the rest is up to them.
I know, it won’t happen if Gonzaga doesn’t go mwc. And we are not in the discussion with mwc, why bother what was going on.

Forgot to add one more
No contract agreement with mwc and we can leave anytime when Realignment come around

Are we sure that Craig Thompson and the MWC aren’t toying with us to pull the rug out, like the Big12? Thompson and the MWC hate us and don’t really want us back.

Do we think we would get better reffing in the MWC? I don’t.

Do we think we could outshine Gonzaga in the MWC? I don’t.

Are we sure that Craig Thompson and the MWC aren’t toying with us to pull the rug out, like the Big12? Thompson and the MWC hate us and don’t really want us back.
DEW: This is not P5 league, so why worry.

Do we think we would get better reffing in the MWC? I don’t.
DEW: Same old problem, refs hates us.

Do we think we could outshine Gonzaga in the MWC? I don’t.
DEW: This is where Zags need to worry. No more DARLINGS forever after you leave WCC. Will BYU stay at WCC w/o Zags - No Way but where, AAC, MWC, BIG WEST, WAC, or CUSA?

From what I understand, BYU may get the same type of TV deal that Boise State has with MWC. Meaning, BSU controls the TV rights for home games…

Heard it over the Radio yesterday… Not saying it going to happen, but just what may happen.

Ok, I can live with that…I guess. I’m mostly hoping that if we end up in the MWC with the Zags it would improve their hand a little when they negotiated the next TV deal. The mountain was an awful joke. I’d much rather the games end up on ESPN3.

Craig Thompson does not hate BYU. We play plenty of MWC football games, that is just not the case.
I would go back to the MWC in B-ball in a heartbeat.
SDSU, UNLV, BSU, CSU, USU, NEV. all great games…In a heart beat

I hope you’re right. And I hope we’re smart enough to say yes. I’m not normally this nervous, or I should say I look at things more logically or dispassionately. But I’m nervous this gets screwed up for us. Maybe part of it is that it depends on what the zags do.

On that article it was mentioned SMC too. And I was surprised to read Grand Canyon College from Phoenix & NM State. Remember WAC gotten too big and we created MWC. Do we want that to expand like that?
SMC has a very good basketball program but not at their small gym.

Sure, he does. I’m not saying he tries to get his conference not to play them. That’s not the same thing.

We were regarded as a prima donna in the MWC (and there’s some truth to that), and he and others hated how we left on our own when Utah got the Pac12 invite. They’ve never gotten over that, and none of the MWC people want BYU to prosper. There’s probably some Schadenfreude involved if we have to go back like a dog with its tail between its legs, but they won’t be glad to have us back, other than the glee that we were humbled.

Rubicon is right based on my understanding of the whole MWC thing over the past 20 years.

we created the MWC. The MWC needs BYU just like it needed BSU to join when we left.

BYU should just join its natural fit…the Pack 12

They want us even less than the MWC does.

They don’t care that we “created” the MWC. They resent us, and there’s the Church factor.

fish and Rubicon

Yes, we helped create the MWC and in doing so, we helped put the WAC out of existence. Many of the teams now in the MWC were in the WAC that we helped destroy.

When we left the MWC, our behavior was anything contrary to polite and good sportsmanship.

We can cry Church prejudice all we want while we continue to blame the Honor Code and the No Sunday Play situation for our lack of success. The truth is, (with or without), realizing it, we are very rude to those not of our fold. We need to change that perception that may be more real than fiction.

fish and Clausewitz,

MWC G5; Pack 12 P5; FCS;

Hey, the easiest way out is the FCS. Is easy what we want? No work! cheap coaches! No star players! Yeah! that is the easiest and we probably have enough commitment from our leadership that we could win almost every game. Yeah team!!!

MWC would give us a lot of crow to eat. We put them down terribly when we left. Shamefully so. We had no concern for their survival after TCU went to the Big 12 AND UTAH WENT TO THE PAC 12. Without any invitation to a P5 conference we split for independence leaving the MWC to go the way of the WAC which we helped to destroy. MWC was lucky enough and strong enough to get Boise State and a few others that aloud them to survive. We made more enemies than friends the way we handled things. The enemies come not from being prejudice agains the Church, but because of the behavior of it’s members.

P5 conference takes more commitment from our leadership than the leadership is willing to give. We only have 5 seasons after this one to be ready for the next P5 realignment when the new contracts come due. We still look for the coaches that will work for less instead of paying more to get the coaches that can attract the superior athletes that could make us worthy of being in a P5 conference.

Oh well, it seems that the thinking among us is that it is better to play teams that we know we can beat, than to put forth the effort to play teams that we must work hard to defeat. We have lost the valuable meaning of “Faith without words is dead” Too bad.


Yes, we should go to the Pac 12 because it is indeed our natural fit.

The only problem is that the Pac 12 will not accept us because in the eyes of the Pac 12, we are too hard to get along with when it comes to Politics especially, and socially, and it has been said, because of our arrogance. We think we are too good and people should bow down to us and let us have what we want because we are so good… etc. (Perception of us is not good in the Pac 12) Prop 8 etc. We need a crash course on how to get along.