Biden is in real trouble

Don’t know how Biden can survive this latest Al Qaida terrorist attack in Zabul.
Biden presidency teetering amid calls to resign, potential investigations over US deaths in Afghanistan | Fox News

Articles of impeachment have been drawn up on his Sec of State.
House Republicans Introduce Articles Of Impeachment For Secretary Of State Antony Blinken | The Daily Caller
They should extend to Biden but remove him from office? I say, “Hell No”. Kamala Harris is completely unqualified to be a leader. What a disaster. The mid elections will dwarf Obama’s disaster.

The media are already circling the wagons. The polls show people aren’t circling with them but people quickly forget. He should be court marshalled but won’t be. He should be guilty of impeachment but Pelosi won’t do it.

Tough choice: Biden impeachment or Harris presidency