Big 12 May Collapse before BYU gets to join

There are rumors today on twitter that Notre Dame is close to becoming a full-time member of the ACC…putting that conference at 16 full-time members. What are the chances that the PAC-12, Big Ten and SEC feel obliged to go to 16 as well? This may or may not work out for BYU. The key to BYU’s hopes are whether or not anyone can stand to invite prima donna Texas.

The PAC-12 may make another push for Texas, Oklahoma, Oklahoma State and Texas Tech.
The SEC If this above does not happen, the SEC could add Texas and Oklahoma.
The Big Ten may add Texas and Kansas to expand their footprint to most areas east of the Mississippi outside of the deep south.

What do you think?

Pac12 will move to 16 of this happens and BYU will be included in those discussions, already have been actually.

Joining the BIG12 now has zero down side, as it’s much easier to stay in a P5 conference than get invited to a P5 conference. Getting in the only goal Tom and the BOT should worry about.

The math does not work out. If the Big 12 expands to 12, and then is picked apart by the other P5 conferences, three will be teams left out. Just like what happened to the Big East when it was picked apart.

The ACC will be at 16 with Notre Dame…no more room.
The SEC has room for 2 more
The Big Ten has room for 2 more
And the PAC-12 has room for 4 more

That means that 8 members of the Big 12 get in, and 4 are left on the outside. 4 is not enough for a conference. But that is not the scenario I was referring to.

I was referring to the Big 12 getting picked apart before it expands back to 12…not afterwards.

The Big 12 could survive it expands before the ACC formally adds Nortre Dame football. The Big 12 may survive because the PAC-12 and the Big Ten could end up in a bidding war over Texas, and both conferences deciding NOT to expand afterwards. This could also result in the PAC-12 settling for BYU, if the Big Ten wins that war (just like they settled for Utah back in 2010). It’s tough to tell right now.

But if the Big 12 waits, they may cease to exist. And BYU could be left out.

Yup, that’s one of the reasons why the big12 has been so aggressive this summer in exploring options. That and Oklahoma basically saying get to 12 or they will leave. We have a huge ally in Oklahoma.