Big man to visit BYU next weekend

Listed at 6-foot-11 and 230 pounds, Khalifa is a versatile stretch big man. He was one of the top players for a 49ers team that won the CBI, averaging 11.7 points, 6.3 rebounds, and 2.7 assists on 51% shooting from the floor and 38% shooting from three.

Seems like it would be a really nice pickup. Let’s hope BYU impresses.

We got him!!!

From the article

“BYU has real NIL efforts in place, and that made a difference here and allowed BYU to be competitive with Florida.”

He will replace George in the starting lineup from last year. That will give us quite a bit more versatility with big men. He also shoots well from the three and will stretch the floor.

So, is he another Waterman or can he play defense?

No clue about his defense. The highlights don’t show much on that end of the court. However he weighs 230 lb so he’s a big body if nothing else. He averages about six rebounds a game and 0.7 blocks per game compared to Noah’s three rebounds and 0.4 blocks per game.

In terms of offense he has a better shooting percentage than watermen both two point and 3-point. In addition he’s really good on assists. He seems to make great decisions. There are some sweet passes in his highlight reel. He also has some ability to play in the post which is something waterman doesn’t do.

In terms of stats, Aly is going to give us equivalent rebounds, a few more points per game, a couple more assists, less turnovers, and more length than George. The offense is also going to have more options since he seems to play the role of point-center well.

Since we have an abundance of 2/3s with robinson, johnson, knell, saunders, waterman, next year’s lineup will be a nice improvement over last year’s.

Here is the read-up on him:
Charlotte’s Aly Khalifa commits to BYU, and 5 other transfers Cougars have targeted |

Not sure he is a waterman or what, but he seems to have been pretty good in the Conference-USA group.

230 lbs. for a 6’11” isn’t much. Hope he can beef up some…Now, we just need another point guard.

Well, the other two centers are only 6’10", I would be curious what his wingspan is.

I was listening to some talking heads about a player (Sorry can’t remember his name) was shorter than other players, but because of his wingspan he plays “bigger” than his height.

Interesting thoughts.

Are you talking about Foosse?

Nice get on Aly
Here’s what you get with Khalifa
Aly Khalifa - Charlotte - 2022-23 Transfer Portal Highlights - YouTube

1 Three point threat. at 38% he is big man that can burn you outside
Inagine what happens when Aly takes his man outside? Teams can’t sag as they would on, say, Atiki

2 Best feature, Aly can pass. He was Charlettes best assist man.

3 Guys like Foos now become much better!!!. no more double teams.

4 Take a big man away from the basket, his rebounding goes down.

5 downside, slow feet on defense. lots of work to do there

6 had one dunk all season for Charlette. not a leaper but a great body down low, knows how to use it.

So here is how Aly fits in at BYU. Pope loves a team that all 5 guys can hit the three. BYU now officially looks like…dump da da dee… a Randy Bennet SMC team. we are oh so slow but full of smart shooters.
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Aly would work great teamed up with Foos because no one can guard Foos one on one so kiss double teams goodbye on Foor. Aly can play the pick and roll, which is awesome for a big man. As a great assist guy, makes all of BYU’s starters better shooters.

BYU is also looking at the 250 transfer out of WSU. Physical banger.
But Aly goes a Looong Way at solving BYU’s big man challenge heading into B 12.

Randy Bennet don’t waste possession. Mark pope got a long way to go. BYU needs to win a lot of non-conference games before facing big 12.