Boise has BYU beat

What difference a week makes. Last week, Mangum took charge, ran risks, and was exciting. NOW, he has been trained to play it safe. No quarterback keepers, no effort to keep Boise guessing, and no running game. The result is the defense STAYS out there ALL NIGHT. He has been neutered by the coaching staff.
Look, look. BYU at the ONE yard line and cannot run it in ( loss of two yards). Two pass plays in a row. Only penalties are saving us. Well, they actually got ONE yard for a touchdown. The ONLY good thing is that the defense got some rest.

Final score… 35-24 BYU wins. 14 points in the final minute by BYU


Come on man


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The last two weeks have been absolutely ridiculous. No way BYU should have won either of these games.

The gig is up next week vs. UCLA.

In an unplanned turn of events, I got from FL to UT and a ticket then dropped in my lap. Sometimes it is better to be lucky than good. BYU has been good enough to manufacture some luck.

Credit our D, which stepped up BIG TIME two weeks in a row in the 4th quarter. Also credit #2 on Boise, who couldn’t shut his mouth and stop trash talking long enough to realize that his two penalties in the end zone cost his team two TDs…

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little man syndrome. I wanted pop that little turd myself. Maybe Anae learns something from this game and we see better play calling.

I wouldn’t hold my breath for Anae to change his play calling in the first 3 quarters of the UCLA game.

Its just smart football. Mangum is good but has a lot to learn. How many interceptions do you think he would have thrown if they just aired it out every series? It was very smart to only unleash his arm when we got into decent field position in a defensive game like that one was. The question is, can they do that Sat.? If we stop the run and turn it into a defensive struggle we can, but that’s a lot to ask against UCLA. I still think we have a decent chance though. If not, and we keep it close (I think we will) we shouldn’t drop much in the polls and get right back in if we can beat MI.

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If the defense can hold up, absolute that game plan will work and keep us in the gsme. You can’t run and gun with teams that are better than you, BYU has shown the first two weeks that a game plan to keep them close by shortening the game with keeping the clock running, playing field position football, and having a kid that isn’t afraid to sling it deep ANYTIME he gets out of the pocket.

If they just threw it every down he wouldn’t have made it through the Boise game, our line isn’t good enough to protect him when the D doesn’t have to worry about the run.

Running the ball isn’t the problem, it’s the WAY byu runs the ball that is the problem. Sure, run the dive, just not 30 times in a row. A little variety in the byu run game would be nice to see. You don’t see any O.C. in the country call the dive as much as Anae does. It’s borderline insanity.

Are you saying under Anae BYU has not had as good of running game as they had under other OC’s? JWill has been great during his time, I actually can’t think of a season under Anae that we didn’t have a above average running game. I just don’t get the hate for him from some fans, well I guess I do. Chow was criticized for years by BYU fans as he was running the show. The OC at BYU just takes the heat apparently from armchair QB fans

He lacks creativity and the ability to “feel” the game. That is one of the reasons he has earned the nickname Robot. The calls are so often staged and predictable, it’s like the defense knows what is coming. That is why those runs up the middle are so ineffective. BYU wins on execution, not on superior play calling. It is just too easy to sense what is coming and when something actually works, RA is hesitant and afraid to try it again frequently and it is frustrating to watch.

I think “hate” is a pretty strong word, not sure why you went there… but it is okay in my book to recognize tendencies and try to find a way to change those. He has a tendency to be predictable in the way he calls a game and has no real feel for what is working and how to put the defense at a disadvantage. At this level he should be able to do that. It doesn’t mean anybody “hates”…