Bowl Projections

Bowl Projections

CBS Sports Bowl Expert Jerry Palm projects the matchups for every bowl game.


Terrible, and totally unfair and unrealistic.

This is an outrage. (Even if it is just an opinion

the opinion is an outrage).

#11 Oregon(now #4 after one win vs unranked UCLA) Play off vs

# 1 Alabama gets the playoff with #4 Oregon

#5 Notre Dame Vs # 6 Florida Play off

#2 Ohio St. Vs #3 Clemson Play Off

#2 Ohio St Vs, Clemson New Years 1/1/21 Rose Bowl Day


#12 Miami Fl gets the Peach Bowl vs #7 Cincinnati new Years Day.

#18 Oklahoma GETS THE Cotton Bowl vs # 13 Ga. New Years Day.

#8 BYU vs unranked Central Carolina from Sun Belt 12/26/20


Okay, I get it. I’m over reacting. Who did we play? I guess we should be thankful for the crumbs left behind by the Power 5 teams.

By the way, what have we been doing lately to win the affection of those on the selection committees of the P5 conferences? Are we paving the way for better results after the next re-alignments in the P5 conferences>

We are doing what was asked of us: (Just win baby–just win)

I do not believe that there is ANYTHING that BYU could do that could influence the selection committees of any of the P5 conferences because of those committee members deeply set prejudices, rather than fairness, public opinion or even success on the playing field. Big money drives this train and maybe it’s just as well BYU isn’t on it. Don’t think for a moment that this unfair system escapes the notice of the sports world and fans alike, but I would be very surprised to see any change in attitude any time soon. As BYU continues to play well and impress more open minded powers in College Football, a change may come, but that maybe years away. I still believe only guilt and public pressure from outside BYU circles will get us a New Years 6 bowl. Thoughts?

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Agree. That pretty much sums it up.

Wow! That was deep thought :innocent:

Only Jerry Palm has this projection. Palm is a typical G5 hater and treading water out there by himself.

The chess game we are about to see is when the Nov 26 rankings come out, only then will BYU pull the trigger and play a P5 team to bolster it’s playoff chances.

It is all about the Money. The P5 and their committee are not going give their money to BYU in the playoff or a big six bowl. they are not required to do anything for BYU. Cincinnati will quality for a big six and there will not be any more G% or independants. If Cincinnati lost, BYU would have had a decent shot at a big six.

UCF had a much tougher schedule a couple years back and they did not even get a sniff for the playoff. Money, Money, Money the only way BYU is ever in the playoff is if they are undefeated and play 5-6 P5 school and the committee would be forced to put them in.

Hopefully, BYU gets a decent second tier bowl.

It is shaking out that way but this is a covid year and BYU jumped out on the map early. A whole lot of push to see BYU play someone of substance.

Today, it looks like
Clemson in the Playoffs

leaves these teams for the other NY6 games
Tx A&M

Both Cin and BYU got one vote for the playoffs.
College Football Playoff picks after Week 12 (

Oregon has one tough game left-Washington at home-win that one and they probably play USC-PAC-12 doesn’t get a team in CFP and one team NY6
Cincinnati has zero tough games left-they will be undefeated heading into their conference championship -predicting Cincinnati makes CFP
Notre Dame’s next game is North Carolina-win that and they finish unbeaten excluding playoffs which leads to a Norte Dame vs Clemson playoff game. Only one of them go to CFP-one NY6
Ohio State probably matches up well and goes to CFP-NW possible NY6
Miami -competes with BYU for NY6
Alabama plays Florida and wins-Florida NY6-Alabama CFP
Texas A&M-NY6
Ok-NY 6
Without another signature win it’s going to be tough for BYU to get a NY6 game-but it’s possible
Hopefully we will see another game come up, but don’t expect any of the above teams to be anxious to play BYU

Sr_Burton, fish, and BYU Campus,

That each of your for your replies.

I tend to agree with each of you, but I wish that each of us were wrong.

What is life without hope?

Sr_Burton, fish, and BYUCampus,

I still am very much in belief that nothing is impossible with prayer, along with faith without works is dead.

I am, like you very much aware of the prejudice against us, unlike the other Church football important universities, Boston College, Baylor, TCU, SMU, ND , Liberty, Presbyterian, and perhaps others.

Perhaps we can change the bias negative perception, against us by the way we project our differences without being perceived as being closed-minded, less arrogant, and more friendly and open to others that differ from us. I am speaking of religion, politics, race, opinions on virtually everything, and any other way that we ourselves can improve without compromising that which we believe in. Sometimes we tend to gloat about things that others seem to thing is nothing to gloat about.
Wow, I can hear the back lash from grasshopper and Arkansas coug or is it Olkahoma coug now, even before they print it.

My intent dear brothers, is not to put down or compromise what we believe. Instead,
my intent is to have a more positive approach in the way we project that which we belive in without the perceived arrogance that sometimes we seem to have.

We need desperately to get into a P5 conference soon. We need not compromise our values, but improve upon the way we project those values. With prayer, we can all improve, as the forces that be in the P5 programs see that improvement and become willing to take the chance to allow us into their much needed fold.

After seeing Biden pick John Horse Head Kerry for a newly organized cabinet post as Climate Czar I Hope a lot the election can be overturned.

We have no reason to be arrogant. One only needed to watch President’Nelson’s 15 minute admonition to understand how we need to conduct ourselves. It is true that people or entities may discriminate and rail against us, but we have our direction in life and it is up to each of us to conduct ourselves in an appropriate manner, no matter how others respond to us. Whether we are accepted in a P5 conference or not-it is of no great consequence, as long as we conduct ourselves appropriately. In the end-live life appropriately and all will work out for the best

I don’t expect the election to be overturned, despite obvious irregularities. Meanwhile I will hold to the values which I have always held and seek to stem the tide of unrighteousness, which should be our goal from the beginning of time and it all starts within our own selves

Good luck if the Dems get control of the Senate. Righteous within the country will be mostly non-existent.

A lotta good stuff here, Burton…here is what Week 12 tells us if the playoffs were today…the CFP rankings will change the picture somewhat but the biggest changer will be the Conference Champ. game.

Fiesta baby.

If Notre Dame loses to NC Friday-and I think it’s possible, they are out of the CFP and will play on NY day. I’m still giving the Bearcats a shot at the CFP by attrition as Florida and Clemson and Texas A&M and ND could all lose games this year and nobody with two losses is going to the CFP’s. Yeh the Fiesta Bowl is my hope against Oregon or SC, but we will see how it looks after today

Never heard of central Carolina. Must be a Division III league? Give me a break

big time screw job in the CFP.
BYU Cougars ranked No. 14 in first College Football Playoff rankings of 2020 - Deseret News

How in the world are any of Cin wins even close to a win on the blue tundra of BSU?
How are 2 loss teams even in the top 10? So much for the eye test. BYU gets screwed again.

Then you have Wash. trolling BYU with 0 guarantees to even play the game. Expecting us to drop everything, run up to Seattle on our dime, only to announce that they would be playing Utah instead this weekend. The national media sure picked up on that one and ran with it. Corrupt dooshbags.

Im sorry but this has gotten too old. Money grubbin whores.

Well Notre Dame has never been known for their “tough” schedules either. I had picked BYU to be 11th and never expected a two loss team to be ahead of them. Yeh it’s a little disheartening to say the least. Yeh Washington wants to play Utah after seeing how inept Utah is. Forget the PAC12-at least they aren’t ahead of BYU until Oregon beats powerhouse Oregon State next week🤨