Bryant goes down

Too bad for the Cougars because a season ending injury at this time of year may carry over to next season.

Not having any depth has been a major problem for BYU this season.

and so do the Utes. Big time Pac 12 loses to the lowly MWC on their home floor. It was a dangerous situation for the Utes, I hope nobody got hurt.

Ughh. Could things get any worse for BYU and Dave Rose? Maybe its time we just end the season and do a reset for next year. KC came back from a knee injury in about the amount of time that Bryant will have to rehab but it would be really pushing it. Too bad for Bryant and the program. Davin Guinn gets the start tonight. He probably never thought he would get the chance to start at BYU so hurray for Davin. If there is anything positive to take from this latest news it is that a guy who has worked his tail off all year and simply plays the game because he loves to compete gets to start and live out his dream.

I was listening to Nashiff and Cleveland talk about the loss to St Marys. They said the defensive effort wasn’t bad. But, on offense, they stopped movig the ball. Cleveland said it was the worst ball movement all season. Cleveland defended Rose and said there is only so much you can coach from the sideline. You really need a leader on the floor that can keep the team on task. The coach can’t do it all from the sideline. Well, Cleveland may be right that there isn’t good leadership yet on the floor but I hate to see him throw the players under the bus to protect the coach but I guess Cleveland has Rose’s back.

UTA is the only team other than Gonzaga to beat St Mary’s this year…and they did it on the St. Mary’s home floor. UTA kept St Mary’s shooting average way down so they must play tough defense which is bad news for BYU. UTA lost its point guard due to a hand injury so maybe BYU has a chance to hang with them tonight. Its a home game for BYU so that plays in our favor. I am hoping for a BYU win but I have no idea how they will respond to losing yet another key starter. Home floor advantage may be enough to get BYU a win tonight although it wasn’t much of an advantage for the Utes last night as they lost their first game to Boise St. as Jim pointed out.

Jones is the shooting guard, second leading scorer on the team, not their point. 5’10 Erick Neal, who is a deadly shooter himself.

Does not look good for BYU. Just to give myself some confidence I will tally what I think we get from our starters and bench:
Mika 20
Childs 12
Haws 18
Emery 12
Guinn 6
Beo 4
Kaufusi 4
Total 76-not enough, we need to get to 80 just to feel comfortable.

So, what happened? What’s the injury?

Bryant reinjured his same knee during that last game against smc in wcc semi. Rose said after practice Tuesday in the Marriott Center. “Hopefully we can get him evaluated and on the road to recovery.”

Same injury if an ACL? ACL takes longer to heel. Bummer!

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To add to the good news for the game. Haws has been sick and might not play much if at all.
Three home games possible and the team has to step it up to seize the opportunity…wish I were confident. Hope the team is…

Wow, we are short for tonight. Just found out Akron just beat Houston. Six upsets since yesterday, Indiana, Cal, Utah and name a few of higher seeds. We can get all three at home in the MC before MSG.
Hope we do well tonight. Go Cougars!

Without Haws and Bryant, not much scoring. If defense doesn’t do its job, game is over.

I know that everyone hates to see the players held accountable for their lack of effort but that is the world we live in today. It is always someone else’s fault. Nobody is responsible for their own decisions and actions.

Where does the coaching staff come in here for responsibility?