Bushman is done for the year

Looks like Matt Bushman ruptured his Achilles in practice and is done for the year. Does this ruin the season?

Uggg!!! We are done for the year… How did he do that? Well, he can come back next year… will he be the same? Does he have an NFL career anymore?

Nothing is official, but that does sound pretty bad.

Well, they wore him out. I hope the coaches are happy with themselves. I’d fire that coach. Idiot…

harsh reaction, nobody knows all the details of the situation.

It is unfortunate, I ruptured achilles tendons on both legs, 2 years apart, it is a very difficult injury to come back from. I figured that when it happened the first time, at age 38, my aspirations for a professional sports career were over. :laughing:

So that’s why you never played for the Lakers. Too bad but then we wouldn’t be reading your posts on this site. No ex pro jocks post here to the best of my knowledge. Grasshopper would have been posting about you and Kobe, Shaq, Magic, Kareem, West, Chamberlain, Baylor, and all the other L.A. clown greats of past glory.

Clown greats? The list, except for Jim, were great players.

These days, Achilles injuries are way better dealt with. Bushman will be cleared to play in 5 to 6 months and likely not have it rupture again. Back in the stone ages when you were injured, they would duck tape you up for a couple of years :slight_smile:

This is same type of injury Tanner Mangum had…
He planted his foot to pass, and tore the tendon… Not much you can do about that.

It took almost a full year before he was back to “normal”.

It is confirmed:

My issue, is this: What is going on with the Strength and Conditioning coaches? A few backs when Bronco was coach, the team seemed to have a rash of injuries one season. Bronco basically fired the strength and conditioning coach and brought in the guy from Georgia Tech (sorry can’t remember his name). The next few seasons the teams seemed to have very little injuries. That coach left with Bronco and Kalani came in and Nu’u Tafisi as Strength and Conditioning coach. Now it seems to me that we are back sliding with the rash of injuries.

Last year BYU had the most freshman playing ball (all due to injuries) than any other team in the country. That says something about the strength and conditioning coaches.

Bushman worked out pretty hard. My concern is the concern of the tight end coach and his comments how he’s working Bushman. Did he have any signs of cramping as the coach said Bushman himself would have to demand to be taken out? It’s up to the coaches to get them in game shape but not to the point of these kinds of injuries.
Sometimes these injuries don’t just happen. There’s a weakness over time. Not enough stretching before and during practices and games. Not enough fluids and so on.
But, injuries sometime just happen. Bad body positioning. I think Bushman is pretty strong enough.
I also think as a human race we are pushing the limits of athletes.

Now they use Gorilla Tape. It is much better.

I was actually a Laker’s fan until the mid 70s when they signed Jabbar. I was never a Jabbar fan. I didn’t like him when he was Lew Alcindor either. At about the time Jabbar went to the Lakers I became a Celtics fan. I don’t like them anymore either. I don’t like any NBA teams so it is irrelevant. I forgot to put Lebron among the clown greats, and Worthy. They have had a lot of great players. Too bad the name Jim Hawks was never among them. Maybe he would have been the one who nearly got his head torn off by Kevin McHale instead of Kurt Rambo, Rambis, or whatever his name was. Those were the days when you stopped the Laker’s fast break by nearly killing one of their players. I heartily approved :grinning:

I’ve been a Laker fan for a long time. But Lebron is no Kobe. Kobe had class but Lebron hates white people.

I agree. I was feeling some tendonitis in the back of my foot for a week or two before I ruptured mine the first time. I would stretch out before playing pick up games and felt fine. Little did I know I wasn’t fine. Sometimes these things just happen but I believe there should have been some warning signs for Bushman before it happened.

I’m sure there was too. But, the TE coach wanted to ware him out. He did…

I am okay with you abandoning the Lakers at some point. I started to lose my loyalty during the Kobe and Shaq era, albeit slowly… However, I do have an issue with you going from the Lakers to the dreaded Celtics. I absolutely hated McHale and Ainge was the biggest crybaby ever. He has since been forgiven for his on the court antics but really Aro, how can you sleep at night after going over to the dark side?

I cheered the Celtics when Ainge was playing…

It surely doesn’t help the BYU season. Football under COVID-19 is a joke. How many games will BYU play this year? The Houston game change of venue is a joke too. BYU is the school that gives up everything in sports to allow the power schools to get whatever they want from BYU. The BYU AD is a give away rep.
So why can’t Houston play in Provo this year? This is like Notre Dame who in over ten years still owes up a game in Provo.

Our football coaching stff is very weak and unaware of the needs of our players.