Byu and ESPN have a new seven-year deal

dir. the ESPN deal is for seven years. It will televise all home games it will televise the bowl games if Byu is bowl eligible money has not been disclosed yet

Nice to see that BYU Football still love with ESPN

7 Years? I know you said still waiting for more details later.

What happen IF we join P5 Conference sometime in 3-5 years later? More likely will have a new tv deal.

What IF we don’t join P5 and go back to MWC or join AAC. Can BYU FB stay with current ESPN contract?

What IF a new G5 to become P5 (later time) - top 16 group like BYU, Houston, Boise St., etc to make it more interesting tougher group? Could it happen?

I know, we have to wait and see in few more years. BYU may stay put at Independent.

One of my friends told me that the reason ESPN loves BYU so much was because when it was first started, BYU helped them out with agreeing to play on their channel. Then BYU TV crews were used to help with the broadcast that reduced the costs of airing games for ESPN.

I am not sure if that is all true, but my friend who has some connections to inside the Athletic department says it is. So take it as a grain of salt, but I believe my friend.

It makes sense. Also, the money with ESPN is greater than what we would get in a G5. Also, the Church likes the constant exposure of the Church and it’s missionary program.

A young lady who was my service provider for about a year (a year ago) that her husband use to do work for the Jazz broadcasting games and now he works for BYU Broadcast Center. Yes it is true what you are saying that is how BYU work together with ESPN. Her husband I think only does the prepping most of the wirings the whole stadium or whatever he does. He doesn’t do camera stuff.

that is true

Dew and Fish,
Thanks for the verification of what I said, It is nice to know what I said was the truth, I never really doubted my friend, but in this day and age, It always nice to have secondary verification.

Opinions are now verifications? Then Trump must be guilty :unamused: But, my opinion is that your opinion sounds good to me

you posted it on the other post. Everything we have talked about is laid out in the piece.

Brett McMurphy :heavy_check_mark: @Brett_McMurphy

BYU & ESPN have agreed on 7-year deal thru 2026 season for the network to televise BYU’s home football games, sources told @Stadium. The deal also will guarantee the Cougars a contracted bowl game each year when bowl-eligible

details to follow


“dir. the ESPN deal is for seven years. It will televise all home games it will televise the bowl games if Byu is bowl eligible money has not been disclosed yet”

This is both good news and bad news.

The good news:
is that because of our inconsistencies of the past few years, and with those inconsistencies, we have not been able to beat the teams that we are supposed to beat;

We can not look as good as we should look;

And we are not as fun to watch as we use to be,

yet, we are lucky to have a 7 year contract that use to go for 10 years.

We are lucky to have it for the 6 home games + Bowl game if we qualify, that use to also include some away games.

that use to include away games also, (plus bowl). Yes we are lucky and we should be grateful. I am grateful.

I doubt that we will get $10 million per year as we did in the past.
In the past, we were worth it. Now we are not.

We will be lucky if we get any cash at all… This is all of the good news.

The bad news
is that we are no longer the prize for ESPN that we use to be.

We are on a downhill spiral.

BYU Football needs help? We need help now!

We need for the BOD’S to make a greater commitment to the University, to the team, and to ESPN, that the Church is much more committed to the Excellence of BYU Football than it has been for the past 20 years.

BYU Football is suffering a slow painful death. It needs more than an Aspirin. It needs more than an bandaid. It now needs a quadruple By pass. If we do not have a full scale operation now, it could mean death for our team. Fix it before it dies.

Thawk says we get $13-$15 million a year and he is omnipotent.

I certainly hope that Mr Omnipotent is correct. I hope that I am wrong. The last figure that I heard was only $10 million per year.

Being at or watching the games vs. San Diego, UMASS, Idaho State, Liberty, USF and Toledo, win or lose, one must ask, are we really worth it to ESPN to (get/give) more than $10 Million per year?

Shall we take a poll on this site?

Yes I agree grasshopper. Sometimes, I think that we come across as a hard sale.

We don’t see ND, or TCU, or Boston College, or SMU, or Baylor, to name a few of the better known religious schools, with such a
hard sale. I think that sometimes, it may back fire on us and have the opposite effect that we want it to have.

I think that Bronco Mendenhal is a good example of this. He is a good man, perhaps with too much hard sale.

What is meant by “hard sale?” All of the other so-called “religious schools” mentioned are P-5 or considered P-5 like Notre Dame. Notre Dame also has an agreement with the ACC.

Every press release regarding ND football does not say it is owned by the Catholic Church. They know and understand that people already know that without being told at each press conference,
The other religious organizations come closer to following the ND example than the BYU example.

You make decisions based on polls and not facts?

They also “losely” tied to a religious organization… Some of the schools get state funding.

It was founded by and still owned and run by the Church of the Holy Cross. That is a Catholic Church which is a member of an Arch Diocese of the Catholic Church, an American Diocese.
The Roman Catholic Church isn’t run in the same manner as the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Notre Dame is a Catholic organization under the Arch Diocese and instructed by the Pope.