BYU and the tournament

Here is the rule for BYU and their chances for the Tournament this year. Every conference game they play is a tournament game. This game with LMU was a tournament game. It was a huge win. If they would have lost today, it would have been their second strike. Three strikes you are out, unless you win the tournament conference championship. That loss to UVU was the first strike. We cannot loose to anyone that is not named Gonzaga or St Mary’s and with those two teams a split is almost a must. If we loose two more times they must be the “Good Loss” variety. That means Gonzaga or Saint Mary"s. They have got to have a good long winning streak, or they are done. Two more UVU losses and there will be no tournament… This league is not considered a very good league this year. There is no room for mistakes or bad losses.

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You are right jeffyds…

This was still a good win because it showed BYU they can play poorly and still hang in there and gut out an ugly win. TJ is a very good player, he was clutch when they needed it and kept his head when LJ and Emery took stupid shots at the end.

I don’t think he needed all of those minutes early in the season but I won’t second guess on that one. I still think BYU will need depth to make it in the end or gut out more close ones but that remains to be seen.

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