Byu at the half again specific

Byu held Pacific to only 22 points in the first half pretty good defense. Terrible offense

Low shooting percentage. Should get better in the second half.

Are you just saying that from the score or did you watch it? Defense was okay but Pacific shooting was just flat awful all around. And regrettably, BYU’s offense wasn’t much better. Again, out of town and it just doesn’t have any consistency at all. Wonder if there is anyone other than Mika who can shoot a pull up 10 footer on this team, because they all refuse to take that shot, which should be a 60-70%er.

Watching it. When you hold a team to 22 points at home in the half, that is good defense

Second-half things are picking up. Emery really had it going before he twisted his foot

Rose said it was his knee. I could be bad news. Let’s hope for the best.

This is the best road game BYU has played yet this year. They didn’t shoot as well as they did at the Marriott Center but when you out-shoot your opponent on thier home court, you can’t complain too much. BYU shot 43% to 31% for Pacific. BYU was 33% from 3pt shots compared to 19% for Pacific. BYU shot 67% from FT line compared to 40% for Pacific. Mika had a solid night with another double double (17pts, 12 rebounds). Childs had 14 rebounds again. Haws (3-6, 50%) and Emery (2-5, 40%) shot well from distance. Bryant continues to improve his game and had another solid game. I was impressed with the effort from the Pacific players. It was a nice win for BYU.

Honestly this is one of the few games where I noticed a specific level of maturity in the overall play of everyone on the team. There wasn’t so much of the “I need to get mine” attitude out there. It was more of a team feel. There was patience and looking for better shots. There was more team defense and help, there was less ninja jumping at three point shooters. There were still moments of impatience and shooting too quickly when it wasn’t there but the maturity seemed to be improved and less me first, hero ball than I have seen from a BYU team in years.

If the team can play like this over the course of several games, win or lose, then it will appear that they are starting to get it and there will be hope for the future.

I think some of you will know what I am talking about… others maybe not.

Yes, I agree. They are starting to gel. They are learning the first shot isn’t always the best shot. Like you said, there were a couple of shots like that tonight but they are growing as a team. Look how Bryant played tonight compared to three weeks ago. They played unselfishly and helped each other. It’s a good thing that Bryant has stepped it up, especially if Emery is out for awhile.

Is Rose sure about the knee? I question that because if it was, why was he on the bike? I think it was the ankle or something else.

Any clarification on Emery?

The last 2 games have featured the best substitution patterns of the season. Some subs did not do well, others did. I suspect that Rose realizes that the only progress that will be meaningful will be team wide improvement. If Emery is out for awhile it may be a blessing in disguise as he is the only one who really doesn’t need minutes. We have to remember that the goal here is to develope team chemistry and confidence 10 players deep. That is our only shot at the WCC tourney.

We’ll know more after the SCU game. SCU is a much better team than Pacific, those guys clanked all of their open looks. Emery’s loss is much bigger than people think. Beo has not been ready for big minutes and will have to step up.

Kaufusi looked like a different person out there and should continue to improve by leaps and bounds.

I don’t know about that. I think of all of the players on the team, Beo has been required to do the most adjusting with the fewest minutes. There has to be some explanation for his poor free throw shooting and mediocre scoring. The guy was a big time scorer in high school and he has had to adjust his game to being a facilitator and defender. He rarely looks to score like the main guys and Bryant do. He plays good defense and doesn’t turn the ball over. He is an asset to the team because he helps the others find open looks and helps them defend. He has accepted his role while the rest of the guys find theirs. I don’t think it is fair to compare him to Haws, Bryant, Emery or even Rose because he has taken on a different role than they have. He is a team guy and has helped them to see how that can make them successful overall. I believe Bryant will take the majority of Emery’s minutes but Beo will also get more minutes. He has been stepping it up, just not in the stat categories that everyone notices. I guess he may have to do that now.

Totally agree.

Incidentally, San Francisco won at San Diego 60-43… BYU gave up twice that many points in a loss to USD only a week ago. That is the kind of stuff that just should not happen, period. But somehow it does every single year.

I agree. Corbin really made progress…I didn’t think he would be able to be an impact post at his weight. I am wrong.

Isn’t that what I said?

Yeah… I guess, kinda. :unamused:

Maybe if you had expanded on the comment and explained it a little.

when I first looked at Beo, I saw a much more complete kid then, say, Leifson. Beo looked to me to be a hybrid point/shooting guard. I having always thought the LP3 plus 2 would be our format going forward. We all know that Rose and Bryant were proven players. Davis was a lock but he has now retired. Beo never was supposed to play big minutes with 4 guards ahead of him. So here we are now depending on him and if Emery is out for a while we will need him in a big way.

When called upon, Beo has impressed me with his calm demeanor. Things we know from his past. He is a dead eye long range threat, he is an efficient ball handler and can finish around the hoop. He is not on the level of, say, TJ Haws but Beo also does not take the risks that TJ takes. No doubt in my mind that if Beo is asked to shoot more, he will come through. I think that his missed shots and certainly at the FT line will catch up to his lifetime average just as Haws, after a few games brought his game up to his averages as well or in the same way that Bryant brought up his 3 point shooting from 1-17 to the high 30% rate.

I agree with you about Beo. He has Dave Rose’s trust because he knows how to execute the game plan and knows his role. He shot well in HS so you know he has it in him to be a scorer if Rose asks him to look for his shot more. Maybe the staff will design a few plays just for him to get some open looks. If Emery is going to be out for awhile, I think Dave Rose will also give more minutes to Bryant who is coming into his own.

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Any report of his condition? This could be the sign, “No News is Good News.” I have been watching on local tv news and they haven’t said anything. Hope just a buise near his knee or something.

Maybe that way most of our players (including bench players) will put in more minutes and extra defense play when Emery do little.

LaComb said Nick Emery took a knee to the quad, but “should be fine” and will be in some pain but should be able to play Thursday vs. SCU.