BYU basketball, mid season report

Well folks, this is it. This week determines BYU’s fortunes with a game @ SF and SMC at home. Yeah, I know, there is a Pepperdine game @ UP this week but that is a tune up for BYU’s real fortunes.

Ferrari and co are going to spank us good in San Fran or I could say, “I left my heart/jock in San Francisco” Sing it. Either way BYU has 20% to win. San Fran has real players in the post and they have the best guard in the WCC. BYU has a chance if they get to 80 points but TJ or Childs will get into foul trouble and the game is over.

SMC-BYU has a better chance at 44% at home. Hardnett plays and BYU has a chance. Again, get to 80 points but Bennett coaches circles around Rose.

Then its Gonzaga at our house, so in theory BYU could lose all 4 games and we look for a new coach, that could be nice…what do you think. Mark Pope anyone?

With 7 of your last 12 games BYU is an underdog. Looks like the jig is up.

Might as well run through the BYU roster while I’m at it. Correct me if I miss anything

Childs- Legit power forward in the WCC, top 5 in the country. Rose needs him in the game at all times. Will say BYe Bye at the end of this year.

TJ- Mad passing skills and game winning shooting ability. If either TJ or Childs have to sit for foul or injury, BYU’s stock plummets. When both of these guys are on, BYU can play with anyone but Gonzaga

Harding- continues to grow into a solid 3rd option. As a true Fr. he gets the task of guarding other teams forwards even if Harding is called a shooting guard. Hates losing

Cannon- makes this list of 4th best player at this moment just because Hardnett is hurt. Had a every good game against SC BUT Cannon disappears in too many important games to be named even a starter.

Hardnett- When healthy, is the 3rd best player on the team, ahead of Harding. Tough defender, can get to the hoop when we need a bucket. He has saved the day in 3 games that I can count. Who knows if he comes back after the Rose debacle.

Baxter- Just give him minutes and he will grow, Coach. Typical Rose team. Sits your future stars and plays his favorites til the season is lost. The last 2 games Baxter has DUNKED on their best players.

Where do you go from here on the list? Worthington has exceled against 2 poor teams and will foul out in 5 minutes against a SM or GU just on no skills or better coaching.

Bergerson is ahead of Seljaas these past 2 games just on performance alone but he will settle back in the pack as Rose has his favorites ahead of him.

Then there is Seljaas, clearly wants to score, wants to win but he is so so unpredictable.

Nixon has become a non factor and disappearing

Emery is way down near the bottom. Has 20 ppg ability in the past but Emery is a mess, lost his confidence, jumps at anything, goes for a steal and gets burned for an easy layup or worse, gets Childs a foul. Should have transferred and started over but Rose will play him more and more as BYU overplays TJ and Childs and they get benched for fouls and you have to have a leader out there. Hardnett or Emery, who would you choose. I know who Rose chooses.

Whos left? Lee, absolutely nowhere to be seen, no growth, just lost.


Anyone want to know the truth about Hardnett situation should watch the entire interview with Rose in today’s show BYU Sports Nation on I’m correct and Jim’s and your’s continues conspiracy crap is just that, crap. There is nothing to it.

Not good enough. I want to see when and where he actually hurt it. Too coincidental for me to buy the coach speak. If this was the first time the coach had come up with some bogus reason for why a certain player isn’t on the floor I might believe him. Sorry if I don’t buy the nonsense SG, but you are easily duped so that influences my opinion as well.

Okay, so I watched sportsnation and I heard Rose’s reply to the question about Hardnett.

Wow, are you buying that? Rose yaps about “protocol” and “the doctor’s shut him down” and I am not believing any of it. “Jashire wanted to play but it is real painful and the doctor’s shut him down”. Also, the fact that there is no timetable in the forseeable future for him playing sort of sealed the deal.

It is pretty much like I said it would be. Now there is a convenient excuse in place and something that can easily be “reinjured” and keep him from playing any significant minutes or at all. Sorry, grasshopper… I’m not buying it.

You are simply buying your own conspiracy theory without any evidence. Yes, I believe Rose over your factless theory. I observed Hardnett in the bench and saw nothing to suggest that he is a part of this team and if he could play Rose would play him. I saw a complete team player on the bench.
I saw him run with the team hand slapping the fans but used his off hand to do it and not use his hand with the brace.
I believe a doctor over your dislike for Rose.

Yeah, neither did I. He is doing what the coach has asked him to do… I have a hard time with the timeline and the lack of information about the whole situation. Nothing adds up.

Time will tell. I know those phantom injuries between the knuckles of a hand take forever to heal… LOL!

I watched the game again. The time that Hardnett was in he took no shots. He didn’t drive once. He didn’t steal the ball. Often times he dribbled up the court with his right hand.
After he came out, he sat in the bench cheering the team in. He was clapping a lot. But, he didn’t seem like he was going back in. He never acted like he was upset or irritated not playing.
There was one play while he was in and he collided with a player and that’s when it could have happened.
So, according to Rose, it was an injury that progressively got worse. And, a splint was put on it so he would not use it and let it heel. I’m guessing a tendon, ligament or muscle tear. That takes time to heel.
This means I’m sticking with Rose on this one and rejecting your conspiracy theory.

Now you’re making up a bunch of stuff to fit your belief. How is what you are doing any different than what you are claiming I am doing?

It’s the same thing, you are just choosing to believe this story and I am not.

Depends. Pain between those knuckles, unless there is bruising, can also be a symptom of nerve damage usually discs in the neck. The fact that he didn’t drive once nor attempt a shot is an indication something was wrong. Time will tell and Thursday would be a good day. I just don’t by a deception theory while Rose denies it and has called you and others out for it.
By the way, you mentioned you are learning to be a good bishop. Being a leader requires good listening skills and not quickly judge. I would advise you to pray a lot for Rose and to know for sure :slight_smile:

Nice assessment. Pretty much the way I see it also

I didn’t mention anything about “learning to be a good bishop”. There isn’t time for that. I have to do it, there is no time to learn how.

The coach speak is something that is just part of being a coach. There is a certain amount of what he says that he has to say just to be diplomatic about things. He puts himself in bad situations because he is stubborn and plays favorites… as in Luke W. for example, while losing guys like P. Dastrup for example. The same thing seems to be happening with Hardnett. He favors Emery, who by the way hasn’t shown much so far, at the expense of a quality player like Hardnett. It has happened before, we’ve been down this road.

It’s called the LP3 highway and it is just outside of Provo… if you head toward Alpine you are on it.

Well boys, what about the BYU Women’s victory over No. 13 Gonzaga ? Are our girls superior to the men’s team in their level of competition? Three super guards and bigs coming on real fast.

Saw that game, nice win. It was my first time watching this game and wow, no comparison to men’s fast pace game or style. The roster on this Lady Cougars are mostly freshmen and two Vetran players and they will be good for 3 or more years. And a win over Gonzaga rank team was a nice win. We will see how we do against them again at the Kennel. Keep it up Lady Cougars.

women’s basketball - another program that loses money, yet schools are forced to have a team. I am glad the women’s team is doing well, it makes up for the men’s team not doing as well. I am interested to know what the attendance for last night’s game was. It looked like there were a few hundred people in Malibu.