BYU basketball next year

If we have a season… Seems like a world away, BYU lost 70% of its scoring in graduating seniors. But let’s start with our anchors:

1 Barcello at the point.
2 Harding at shooting guard, Travin Knell should back him up.
3 Freak 6’6 Gideon George or 6’6 Spencer Johnson from SLCC.
4 Baxter at strong 4, Wyatt Lowell at 6’10-shooter
5 Richard Harward @ 6’11 I believe will start over Lee, which says a whole lot about Harward.

BYU will be strong inside whereas, last year we were very weak.

Plenty of good shooters on this team.

BYU needs a good Point guard in the worse way. Barcellos is NOT a true point but can do it if he has to.

Need one really good transfer like Toolson.

Maybe Gideon George will be the “x” factor? Fish says he’s a freak.

Actually, a graduate transfer like Toolson that has experience.

We are going to be smiling with George on the team, trust me…….but BYU will struggle unless we find a great floor general. BYU is in the hunt for several European Point Guards. we should be hearing some news soon.