BYU basketball odds of winning the WCC and Dancing

Here is an all too early prediction of where BYU will land in the WCC and Dance seeding.

Gonzaga and SMC are clearly the WCC favorites with a very close 45% chance of winning it all. BYU is 3rd with a 12% chance.

SMC is the highest ranked Offensive ranking (the ability to score points) of 116, with GU @ 112 and BYU at 110. But SMC is slow and methodic and in a speed up game, they rank amongst the last.

Defensively Gonzaga is 93.8, BYU 95.1 and SMC is last with 96.1. All three teams are very good defensively.

BYU has been written off by most media because we had 9 players who were new to the team and they do not account for LP3’s many years of playing together. BYU will gradually raise up the national polling with a higher % of winning the WCC and getting a #5 or better dance seeding as GU and SMC now show. As I have been saying all along, BYU has the balance, the players and talent…they just lack experience.

Princeton & SLU has Experience and we had Talent, Balance & Patience… Hope for same against Valpo.

SMC maybe like Princeton but we should be able shut their back door in two games at their little gym and MC!

Polls have BYU losing both games to SMC. I have us winning at home.

I have GU, SMC and BYU getting into the dance and with good rankings. We will see what we have in the USC game.

Really? SMC any better than Princeton? :laughing:

SMC is miles better than Princeton. I thought that Princeton would play like seniors when they played us. They acted more like freshmen, or at least we made them look that way, then they lost to Winthrop… SMC was solid last year but lacked atheism and height. They added a 6’11 and 7 footer this year. Still all white but from their stats, they look better in every way.

In a way, they are the Australian LP team, Bennett loves his down under connection and is winning in a big way. I am still not convinced that SMC can hang with well coached athletic teams but they sure smacked down a good Dayton team on the road.

They lost to Winthrop? Hmmm, interesting. Must be early season slow start. I’ll keep an eye on this smc before we face them.

So, the key is players who reject God? (Atheism) :thinking:

BYU will have to start shooting at least average from 3 pt land to beat good teams. If we can’t muster over 35 percent from beyond the arc GU and SMC will beat us. To beat GU we will need Corbin back in decent form, just for the fouls and athletic ability. Or Karnowski will need to be hobbled by injury and then we won’t need Corbin. SMC will be very difficult to beat in the MC and almost impossible to beat in CA.

Wait a minute! I thought Mika was ready for the NBA. So, GU’s big men should be a piece of cake to defend. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

A lot of these comments from back in November are accurate today. As thawk said it was almost impossible to beat SMC on their home floor. I think BYU can do it at the MC because wcc teams seem to play worse in Provo.