BYU Basketball Season 2017

This has been a roller coaster season thus far. The storm clouds formed early with the loss to UVU with some of our own talent playing on the other team! Could of used that post that transferred. No question this team is young and potentially with a big upside. However, defensively they have a lot of work to do. Offensively the Y scores over 80 plus points until they get on the floor of a WCC team and find they are chasing and trying to catch up. I also think we lost a great assistant coach in Pope who now is head coach at UVU. He could have helped with the front line players. We need some grit for a defensive coach like a Heath Shroyer and a Dave Rice with the offense who now coaches with the Nevada Wolfpack. I also thought that Gonzaga seems to out recruit and reload better that any team BYU can put together. What’s the story about Dastrup he was so highly recruited by the Big Ten and he rides the bench never getting good playing time experience? I really want to see BYU succeed and put a good product on the floor at home and away. When will it ever come together? Percent chance of NCAA or NIT this year and next? Who on the recruiting horizon can make an immediate impact with experience and skills. Miss the glory days of Fredette, Ainge, .

The season is not done.
What we saw on the floor at SanFran was next years team full on. Wish Rose would have decided on it a bit sooner.
At this point BYU is in a fight for third place.
If it falls to fourth then facing Gonzaga in the semifinals would be the most likely result. Whether the team beats them in the Kennel for the third straight year or has gone 0-2 against them meeting them in the semifinals is not good.
Santa Clara and SanFran are the possibilities for ties for third. If SanFran and BYU tie then BYU owns the tie breaker having beaten them twice. If Santa Clara then problems develop the tie breaker is not so clear.

Santa Clara has Pepperdine, San Diego, Pacific and SMC left to play. probably 3-1.
BYU has San Diego, Portland, SMC, and Gonzaga left. maybe 1-3 probably 2-2.
BYU has to do better than usual this season on the road and hold court at home to finish in third…not an easy task, for any team. The Gaels and the Bulldogs are legit top 20 teams. Portland was a tough home win. San Diego is payback time against a team that isn’t what it could be except against the Cougs at home.

BYU NIT is iffy at this point and potentially 4 games against top twenty teams will be needed to even ensure that.

Given two road games and one home game against Gonzaga, I have my doubts that the team will actually take third in conference.
Assuming Santa Clara takes third, then it would be between BYU and SanFran for fourth or fifth.
BYU is likely to go 1-3 or maybe 2-2.
SanFran has to face Gonzaga, Portland, Pepperdine, and LMU; all on the road.
Gonzaga is a likely loss. The other games would all be wins at home. On the road is more questionable. They are currently 2-3 on the road with their only wins at Pacific and San Diego. Portland, Pepperdine, and LMU are all possible road wins given each teams quality.
So it is possible that if BYU doesn’t take care of business that the team will not only fall from third to fourth seed but potentially even a fifth seed in the WCC tournament.
Unless something changes dramatically then, BYU as a fourth or fifth seed would face Gonzaga in the tournament semifinals. Only by getting to a three seed will they postpone the match with Gonzaga to the finals.

For what it’s worth, not much really, only if BYU goes unbeaten from here through the WCC tournament final will the team get to the Rose standard 25 wins. Only three times has Rose’s teams not met that standard.

I hope not. BYU got zero field goals from their bench and 1 point. Guinn played 24 minutes and took zero shots. Emery played 35 minutes and made 1 shot. Whatever Rose “decided” on may have worked in this game but it isn’t something to be expected or relied on long term. What exactly did he decide on and why did it take 30 games to do it?

The most curious stat line of the game was from Childs… 23 pts. and 17 rbds. with zero fouls in 39 minutes played. How in the world did Childs play 39 minutes without a single foul called on him? Also, 68 points and only 7 assists for the team isn’t a positive thing. If this is what Rose has decided on, don’t expect it to work for very long…

When you see Childs play 39 minutes without a foul and compare that to the Pepperdine game where he fouled out in about half that many minutes, it serves to illustrate how differently referees call the game. Its no wonder the players are sometimes baffled at the calls that go against them.

I’ll give my two cents on what is happening to Emery. He was playing quite well until he tweaked his knee. Soon after that he had the flu and played poorly. The combination of those two things may have shaken his confidence a little bit. I don’t know if his knee is fully recovered but if it still bothers him, that could be playing a factor. One of the reasons I think Nick did so well last year was because KC was good at drawing the defense in and kicking the ball out to open players in a position they feel comfortable in taking the shot. KC wasn’t very flashy but his impact on our team was pretty significant

100% fail on Coaching. We will see Dastrup much more from here on.

Jim, you beat me to it. BYU is just all over the place. At UP, Mika and Childs foul out, at SF Mika is in foul trouble and Childs is foul free and all world. Emery goes 1-9 and BYU wins by 16 despite 16 TOs. All that proves is that SF had a brick night. If this is the future, BYU will continue to disappoint…Greg Wrubell ‏@gregwrubell 24m
24 minutes ago
BYU’s record through 14 conference games, in its six seasons as a WCC member (2011-12 through 2016-17): 11-3, 9-5, 9-5, 9-5, 10-6, 9-5.

Translation: we are no better this year and no worse. It does not matter if Rose has a veteran team or a young team.

When we are talking about reffing…it does not bode well for BYU in the future.