BYU basketball: Surging Cougars will face San Diego twice this week - 14 Feb


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So according to the tribune, it is BYU’s fault that they are playing San Diego in back to backs this weekend… What a bunch of hooey. They mentioned that the wcc decided to start the regular season before Christmas break ended… and what about Gonzaga playing SMU (mustangs not gaels)? When was that game scheduled?

Honestly, I don’t know why I am even replying to this story…

I’m pretty sure they were explaining why the calendaring occurred and didn’t mention fault.
BYU has always had a free slot in the WCC Gonzaga scheduled SMU. BYU scheduled San Diego…because Coach Rose wanted them later than the WCC schedulers. It all worked out…and two games against the worst team in the conference shouldn’t matter when they’re scheduled. It is the closest to a week off the team is going to get until their final loss of the season assuming they don’t take the NCAA or NIT Championship that is…

Every team has an open day in the Thurs.-Sat. rotation but they don’t schedule their own conference games. The wcc does that. Gonzaga scheduled SMU, but when did they do it? The conference made up the schedule to start play before Christmas break was over… why did they do that? Gonzaga played their traveling partner (Portland) on Thurs. and then played SMU on Sat. But they also played Portland earlier in the year. How was BYU supposed to do that with their traveling partner San Diego? I don’t think Rose had much to say about it… the game had to be crammed into their schedule so league play could finish in time for the tournament. It was convenient for Gonzaga and inconvenient for BYU, just like the back to back series vs. LMU and Pepperdine this season… another scheduling mess up by the league.

Like some have said on here… it’s a rec. league and not just because of the officials and gyms we play in.

I’m willing to acknowledge error if you can show me where BYU or Rose had anything to do with the league scheduling. I don’t think they did.