BYU basketball: Tenth starting lineup change paid dividends in win over LMU - 9 Feb


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A real head scratcher…

So BYU is 15-0 when they outrebound their opponent. Anyone think that might be a key to winning games? to focus a little more effort on rebounding or defense instead of trying to outscore the other team? and why do we always get this nonsense after the fact?

“We said, ‘You know what, let’s go with these older guys,’” Rose said. “And so he and Sky [Halford] got a lot of minutes early just to see how they would respond, and they did a great job for us. Josh is one of those special guys. He plays as hard every day as he possibly can, no matter where he is on the pecking order, or how much time he plays [in games].”

blah, blah, Josh is one of those special guys, blah blah, plays hard every day, blah blah no matter where he is on the pecking order or how much time he plays blah blah. Okay, so the guy has played 20 minutes in the last 20 games and hasn’t played at all in 15 of those games. How many teams in the country have had 10 different starting lineups in the last 10 games?

Actually I’m surprised they have won 18 games this season.

Good point. When everyone looks at a box score, they look first at scoring, but rebounding, assists and blocks are just as important.