BYU basketball, what will BYU look like this season

Pope’s 1st year, We had Veterans that could shoot lights out
Ginger mamba
and of course, recently added to the Utah Jazz summer league, Childs. The team could shoot lights out but suffered greatly if Childs got into foul trouble or ran into a strong inside team.
These guys could of won a few Dance games but COVID got us.

Two years ago if was the Barcello-Haarms show

Last year’s team was full of promise, then we lost two big men, Harward and Baxter, to injurie
It ended up being the Barcello-Lucas show with Gideon George glimpses and I think one Lohner appearance. Oh, and the introduction of Foooos.

This year would of been a big disaster if George had left. But this team has a core of big athletes that can win games IF our guards can get them the ball. I had thought that Ericson would be the guy but, like Lohner, he never really bloomed. I do think we will be impressed by Point Williams and RM Dallin Hall learning from him.


First off the bench
Hall will get plenty of time, he is that good, as a true point, Pope will need him to give Williams rest and could play both at the same time.

Are we better then last year?
Depends entirely on Williams, Hall and Robinson.

Three good players that will have to bide their time are Stewart, Toolson and Saunders. and then there’s Moore, a pure shooter at 6’8

I hear Stewart has made huge gains and possibly will start or first off the bench at the 2 or 3.

I don’t see Waterman as a starter, but both he and Moore will get significant minutes off the bench.

Starters (at the beginning of the season)

Significant bench players

Waterman will start depending on his health. He was injured last year. The year before he shot 53% from threes. At 6’11 that is devistating with the team around him this year. Reminds me of Fred Roberts with the 5’s he played with. Except Fousse is a better scorer than them.
We are very deep. The question is, can the team jell together and really become a team quickly? And, this year, stay healthy?
I would not be surprised to see another walk-on 5 too.

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There’s depth and then there’s depth. On paper we have a lot of good shooters, but we really needed at least one tall, strong, experienced true center. We didn’t get him.

I hope we don’t return to the latter Dave Rose days of all offense and no defense.

Well, Fousse was great at defense. When you look at the starters and Trey, they all defend really well. But, it all depends on if they can play well together. From reports, they are doing well at this. Atiki can back up Fousse and will be much better.we have size, quickness, speed and more shooters.

So true. Byu has to be able to defend. I like your lineup but it feels to small.

Having a 6’11 guy in there that can hit close to 50% from three would be a dream for Pope if only he can defend. The other place Byu suffers is penetration, that is the reason why I bring up hall. This kid is strong and will dunk on your face if he gets a chance

This is true about Hall. But, he’s finding it a bit difficult to get into shape. So, I think Stewart is capable of doing the same thing.

here’s what vanquish the foe said, "

Wrote about this in-depth last week, but my early educated guess at the day one starting 5 is Rudi Williams, Spencer Johnson, Gideon George, Noah Waterman, and Fousseyni Traore. Arkansas transfer Jaxson Robinson could start at the two at some point in place of Spencer Johnson, but based on conversations I’ve had I believe that is your 5 to start the year. Tanner Toolson is really the only scholarship player that I have a hard time seeing getting playing time year one — there’s just too many guards to compete with. Braeden Moore may not be an every game player, but he’ll likely get some time when BYU has foul trouble at the four spot.

Every other guy I can make a case to be in the rotation. Trevin Knell, Jaxson Robinson, and Atiki will for sure play major roles. That leaves you with Trey Stewart, Dallin Hall, and Richie Saunders. Realistically, Pope probably won’t go with a rotation more than 10. I’ve heard great things about Trey Stewart this summer and expect him to make a jump and play a role. Dallin Hall will probably get minutes at point. I really like Richie Saunders and he could absolutely find his way into the rotation, but who do you leave out if he gets consistent minutes?

It’s the type of challenge that could lead to a really great year. The key is the health of the 3 bigs. Losing Lohner hurt in that department.

What about the next superstar player from Utah that always wanted to play at BYU, got the scholarship and then fizzled?

Which guy (or guys) is it going to be this year? Who is the big hype?

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

What about the ones that didn’t fizzle? Positive attitude :sunglasses:

None, because I refuse to speak negatively about anyone who chooses to wear Cougar Blue.

Here’s the big problem with BYU this year. We have a lot of fire power, guys that can hit from deep but where is the SPEED, where is the penetration? If you can’t get by your guy or stay in front of a guy that can pop…what is BYU? A bunch of sharp shooters that relay on picks?

BYU is stuck in , well, the BYU twilight zone. Winning 20 plus but fizzling when it counts

We have several players that can drive the paint. I’m not worried about that. The injuries will be the problem if it’s the bigs again.

BYU is right up there with pre-season hype in basketball and football. I can’t say what the Men’s basketball at BYU will do this year. After all BYU has never won a WCC men’s basketball title yet. But they talk a good game. The ladies have won at least one or is it two WCC B-Ball titles in the WCC. How about the BYU women’s teams in soccer, volleyball, B-Ball, Cross Country and Track and Field. ? Our men are up they in Cross Country and golf.

I respond to the posts that make sense. You would be correct on this. They need sports psychologists.

On another note I spoke with a sister missionary (she was at the temple visitors center, serving in the LA mission) who will finish her mission and run track at BYU when she returns. She had accepted a scholarship to Utah and they were actually going to give her more than BYU was but she changed her mind and is going to BYU. I was really happy when she told me this and the reasons she gave for deciding to go to BYU. These are the kinds of people we want there. I wish her all the best as she “sprints” down the track.

So, keep us in suspense. What was her reason?

The reason for switching?

Basically it came down to the atmosphere and values she wanted to be known for.

I hope BYU can hang in there long enough to see her graduate. I haven’t been very impressed the last few times I have been there.

It’s a shame we have to go all the way to Rexburg now for the kind of on campus atmosphere we had at BYU back in the day… or at least something close to it. Too bad they don’t have any track scholarships to give out…

I haven’t been in Provo for almost a dozen years. How has the campus atmosphere changed?