Byu beats Colorado at home

Well we finally got a look at the LP3 and what they will be in the future. Both Haws and Emery hit some big threes throughout the game especially Haws. After shaky first half where he turned the ball over repeatedly Haws settled down and showed why he is a leader. Interesting that Beo got so many minutes tonight especially over fifth year senior Rose.

Obvious keys to the game or 47% shooting from the three-point line almost everything came from Amrien especially Haws.

Mika missed a slew of easy put backs but he was a monster at the free-throw line.

Colorado hit 80% free-throw which is about 12 percentage points above normal where as Byu had a very low percentage rate brought down by all the misses by Childs

Beo played like a champ out there. Very good passer adequate defend her but he was in there for his ball handling and his high percentage free-throw rates

But in the end you would have to say that Haws was the man out there breaking down the other team and getting to the Rim anytime he wanted

The refs called a very good game until 11 minutes left in the second half and then they started calling all kinds of phantom fouls that really slowed down and hurt the game

Lol Beo 0-3 ft for the year-but I’m glad he got more minutes-maybe help build his confidence

Beo shot free throws well? He bricked 2 at the end of the game. Guinn bricked free throws too. Coming off the bench they have to make free throws.
Beo spotted Emery and Haws not just Rose. Rose played well.

Well, I need to give Haws credit but I don’t want everyone going wild on him. He had some terrible defensive plays in the first half and led the team in blown defensive assignments in that half. But, he took a huge step forward in the second half on defense and it was his best performance of the year by far. Tons of credit to TJ. It didn’t hurt that he got a little push from the bench and it was a game changer. Emery also played well offensively with only a few mistakes on defense. They showed tonight that they are capable, but they still need to increase their efficiency to get to the next level. Guinn played great defense and so did Childs. Mika still picks up ticky tack fouls, but he is a big time rim protector. Defense won us the game tonight and I think Beo showed very well on defense. You wonder why Beo got time tonight out of nowwhere? I really can’t answer that question in this blog, but I told you all that there was lively discussion about Beo over the last two weeks. I agreed with the decision to bring him off the bench first!

We may have captured a genie in a bottle with the substitution pattern tonight. Beo brings smart basketball to the floor without bringing attention to himself. He nailed his only 3 attempt and had no TO’s…none. He hits players in stride and provides the ball to them in their comfort zone. One other thing that he provides is a little faster pace to the game than LJ Rose does. That keeps defenses off balance. I think this will be key to the season. Beo will be comfortable leading this team from the point or shooting guard positions. He is a 85% free throw shooter so I am not worried about the glitch at the end of the game. To get his first meaningful minutes against the best team we have faced this year … and to perform so well is exceptional. I believe we will see a 20 pt game out of him this year and he will be our answer to another 3 pt threat. He just has bb smarts that can’t be coached. When the game is on the line he will be on the floor because he brings chemistry and smarts to the floor and team. Best of all he settles down Haws and Emery. He is a calming influence.

Takeaways from tonight are that you have to give kids a legit chance to prove themselves. I think we still owe Leifson a chance, but we have found out about Beo. Childs needs to be replaced at the end of the game by Shaw if we are ahead… Shaw is mobile and can shoot free throws. Haws and Davis cannot be allowed on the floor at the same time against top teams. I don’t think Rose has figured this out yet. Haws is capable of playing D and hopefully the light just came on for him. Offensive light switch may have also been located by TJ tonight. Emery is a much better player with a confident Haws and Beo on the floor. He doesn’t feel that he has to do it all. Did you catch the Emery dribble where he slipped a bit as he tried to stop from a fast break and flip the ball back to Beo as a trailer for an open 3? He immediately got up and spoke to Beo. When Emery and Haws find an open Beo at the 3 pt line and he hits the shot the entire complexion of this back court changes. Those three can feed off each other and compete in a healthy way. Childs is going to be special this year! Davis can be a spark plug off the bench. You may not agree with me, but LJ will be best used as a back up to Beo as the season goes on. If Emery, Haws and Beo (if he can find his confidence) get hot from the field each of them is capable of scoring 30 a game. Coach Rose listened to others and made a change and I give him a lot of credit. The refining of what went on tonight will take a few games, but BYU is a much changed team after tonight. Competition brings the best out of good players. Tonight was much more than a win, it was a season changer if coaches keep going in the direction that I think theywill go.

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  1. Great Defense. Best of the year, by far, against a good team. NO ZONE. 40 minutes of man. THANK YOU DAVE ROSE.
  2. Officials that ALLOWED both teams to play D. IN THE FIRST almost 30 minutes. Then they went all “HEY I HAVE STRIPES–LOOK AT ME! I CAN CALL WUSSY FOULS TO PROVE MY MANHOOD.” Or something like that. It looked like Mika absorbed contact on about 5 of his 8 misses, but the refs let that stuff go under both baskets, which made it a far better game. Until they tried to ruin it with all the fake fouls. Yes, they got really weird about the touch fouls midway through the second half but at least that only ruined part of the game. At least we got about 30 minutes of the players mattering more than the refs. Poor guys. They just can’t help themselves.
  3. If Emery and Haws hit 3s, we are tough to beat, because if you close out hard on them they can both beat you off the dribble and finish in the paint (our only two guards who can do that).
  4. Mika is something else. You double team him and swarm him and all he does is force 13 foul shots and not only lead BYU in assists, but has two more assists than any other player on EITHER team. He and TJ made a bunch of really dumb TOs in the first half, but both settled down in the second and were great.
  5. When Rose sat Emery with his 3rd, Colorado went on a 10-0 run. We need Emery to be a star because he has all the tools to be a game changer–at the rim, pulling up mid-range, and from deep, and we saw all on display tonight.
  6. Yoeli MANChilds gets about half his rebounds with athleticism that we normally just don’t have from a 4.

Good points all tlarimer. The gap closed by Colorado came when Emery was on the bench, but pay attention to who was on the court … Mika, Davis, Haws, Rose and Guinn. Haws and Davis are like oil and water together on the court from a defensive perspective. In addition, Haws can’t be the only 3 pt threat on the floor if we are to be successful. LJ is not comfortable at all points on the 3 pt line. He will pass up open shots and we can’t do that as a team. Coaches realized the mix and put Beo in and then Childs.

Okay, enough about Guinn. He can’t make free throws. All year he’s missed free throws. And yesterday he hardly played. That was Beo on the floor, not Guinn. And Guinn is a liability on the offense. He has bricked all his 3 pointers. Not even close to going in.
Enough about Beo. He is unable to create his own shot. LJ can get to the point and to the rim. Defensively they are about the same with LJ better in rebounding. As long as LJ shoots only from the corner he’s fine in there. Have you noticed he’s better than 50% from the corner 3?
This is one game with Beo. See what happens with quick WCC guards.
Leifson threw his only pass between the feet of Childs. Wow! I don’t know about him. His shooting, like Guinn, is horrible.
Davis played very well while he was in. His knee is a problem. Too bad. I agreed that Childs has to sit at the end of games until he can shoot free throws better. But replace him with Davis, not Shaw. Shaw is a 5 man. Davis free throws have been good this year and he has experience under pressure.
Haws and Emery had their best game last night against a very good team. We saw what they are capable of.
Mika missed some easy shots. Hopefully that was out of character.

Beo has a lifetime very high three free-throw rate. Coach Rose is preparing him for future games ,not a bad move. Sure he was jittery now in a very big game but this experience will serve us in future game.

THawk- I agree with everything you said except about Rose and Beo. LJ Rose was a very big part of this team and will continue to lead at point. Rose is a fantastic assist guy and very strong near the rim as well as dependable at the free-throw line so I’ve said he is the glue guy to this team and he has shined in many games before tonight so I think he will continue as our point guard throughout the remainder of the season

We both knew Beo was a very good option so it was good to see him late in the Colorado game but he will not be starting anytime soon for Rose. I do agree with you that Beo settled both Emery and Haws down because he is a solid third option to lanch at three

I would also use Leifson when Byu gets big leads and he is comfortable. He is a liability on defense and not ready for primetime now but his three point proulness is necessary on nights when our guards all get in foul trouble That is my opinion

ManChilds is just too valuable a rebounder and defender to ever leave out of a game no matter how tight it is. Haws was an idiot to pass him the ball when the game is on the line These are just young mistakes from a young team

Yep I sure that is the plan, to gain confidence, but these kids need to step up and deliver because there are others waiting for the same opportunity. You and I both know there are a lot of promising kids that come through BYU that have a hard time not being overwhelmed by the stage at BYU and end up elsewhere. So good luck to the Beos, Framtons, Leifsons out there. We are rooting for you!

We beat a very good Colorado team at home but our next big test will be Illinois on the road. If Byu can put two good games together I think we will be well on our way to where we all thought this team would be by the end of the year.

I maintain that the UVU game did a lot more good losing then winning ever could

Hi hopes

Don’t agree with the last statement. Not against UVU who lost to USU last night. Agree with the rest of what you said.

I have always said Davis is a big liability late in games

You just can’t sit manchild’s even late in the game
We just have to remember as a team not to pass him the ball when you’re trying to burn clock .

Yes another big game coming up against Illinois. After that we can work on some adjustments and get those injury players some rest before we face smc on Jan 5th at their gym. Great win last night. I, well I mean WE want to forget about uvu, damaged has already been done. With addition about uvu - if we had won that game the ncaa committee would ignore that one but we LOST and the committee would put a big CIRCLE on that lost. So, no more talking about that one!
Go Cougars

Davis free throws are pretty good this year and he is scoring much better. Rebounding is solid. Right now, Childs is a liability at the end of games at the foul line.

I made the mistake of checking BYUTV yesterday for the game. I saw it was scheduled and just assumed it was live instead of a rebroadcast. I read something before I saw the game that led me to realize the game was over and I thought we lost in the second half based on what I read. It was a pleasant surprise to watch the game and find that we had actually won!

I know a lot of you have already commented on the game and I agree with much of everything already said but there is a certain satisfaction of going on record so here’s my take:

Yoeli Childs has now solidified his position as a starter. It happened a few games sooner than I expected but Davis’s knee injury has pushed the issue forward. Those jump hook shots that Childs hit at the start of the game are just a glimpse of what is to come for Yoeli. Those shots are unstoppable and to calmly knock down shots like that just rattles defenders and sets the tone for the game. If Rose can get 10-12 points a game in 6 to 8 attempts and 10-12 rebounds out of Childs everynight, he will be thrilled. The weakest part of Childs game is his FT shooting. Rose isn’t worried about that and just says he needs more experience on the line to settle down. The fact that Childs shot 60% his senior year in high school on 131 attempts tells you he can do it. The other interesting stat from Child’s high school days is that he took 97 3pt shots and hit 42%. You know that a guy that can hit 42% of his 3pt shots can shoot FT if he works at it. Will we see Childs taking 3pt shots this year? I doubt we will see many attempts this year but I’ll bet we will see that part of his game before his career ends at BYU.

Beo got significant minutes yesterday. I think it was in response to how Colorado was playing. They were doubling Mika and leaving LJ open on the perimeter. LJ was not making Colorado pay. Beo was the adjustment to that strategy. The fact that Beo was able to knock down a 3pt shot and otherwise play a solid game helped the team. Beo’s stock is rising. Apparently, Beo has been playing really well in practice and that is what gave Rose the confidence to work Beo into the rotation. I won’t be surprised to see Beo getting more of LJ’s or Guinn’s minutes. With Beo subbing for LJ, Haws got minutes at the point position. Haws needs to cut down on TO (he had 5) but he is also a playmaker. As Beo and Haws develop, we will probably see LJ’s minutes decrease as the season progresses. Rose pointed out that Zac Seljaas had his breakout game last year against Colorado in a loss and compared that to Beo having a breakout game yesterday.

Finally, when the team is struggling, it is easy to get down on the coach and complain about favoritism in the playing time, etc. After watching last night’s game, it’s pretty clear that the coaches know what they’re doing. I don’t know how the season will play out or whether BYU will make it into the NCAA tourney but I’m glad that the season is still young and to see glimpses of what can become a special group just as Fish has said.

Mika struggled making shots he made last game. True he had a lot more bodies on him but many of those he should have put down.

I thought Davis did relatively well with his limited minutes. His FT% is up about 10% over last year. I was calling for him to replace ManChild where it made sense at the end of the game.

ManChild was very good this game, especially early on. Why is it that this Freshman can come in a play a lights out big man game where Leifson, Beo, Guinn, etc. all need to be coddled and developed on the floor. My belief is simple. Players that can come in a make a statement w/o coddling and developing during games are simply better at the game - both body and mind. Odd though that Yoeli throws bricks like a nervous teenager that just wants out of there when at the line. No where else in his game does he exhibit that. Buck up buddy. Get some coaching and lots of practice. Mika and Davis did it so you can too.

TJ…4 of 5 from three? Where has that been? I know he does it in practice but glad he brought it to the floor tonight! He is still a bit of a turn over machine and a little wild but I saw progression from the 1st to 2nd half. Defense was better too.

Beo…I thought he was OK not great. He is shooting 20% from the floor, 33% from 3 and 0% from the line. ready to gush all over him. For a sharp shooter to brick at the line so badly was unimpressive. I understand he had some hand or finger injury so that is perhaps why he got less time in earlier games. Like Frampton the other night, Beo got lots of minutes tonight and was OK. He seemed a bit more composed and perhaps stronger on defense than et. al. His shooting has to get way better but I think he did enough to earn more minutes.

LJ…I am glad he hit the one three but otherwise shooting was abysmal again. Court presence/leadership was OK. He need to pick it up or could continue to loose minutes to others.

Guinn…3 for 3 from 3 against Valpo and goose eggs since. Only about 1 pt per 10 min since that game too. Dude needs to pick it up or watch his ever decreasing minutes go to zero. He hustles but that is not enough.

I think the game was better played and better coached and like Glenn said the coaching rhetoric is positive since they won and the team chemistry was much better…and the shooters (Haws and Emery) were improved. Defense was better too. Had Haws and Emery been cold again I fear the politico-favoritism Rose-is-on-the-hot-seat folks would have been reaching for the pitch forks again.

Did not like the Ref’s turning the game on its head for a while. Their whistle happiness seemed much uncalled for and hurt both teams. Bad when even the announcer’s mention it. Brad did seem to cheer much harder for CU. Anyone else notice that? And what about the female announcer jinxing us at the FT line?

Just glad we won, did better on D, and the chemistry seemed better. Feels like we are headed the right direction. Of course one data point has an infinite number of lines that pass through it. A few more solid data points would make me feel better.

We will see what Rose has for the next game. I wouldn’t consider Beo’s as a breakout game.1-3 and 0-2 ft. He did grab 4 boards and had 2 assists. I would assume that once Bryant gets healthy-the other’s minutes disappear. No matter I’m happy the kid got 21 minutes but I would be happy for any of those kids getting showtime

Beo made 1-3 shots. Both Rose and Beo made one 3 point shot. At this point, Rose has more experience and coach will stay with him and let Beo develop.
I’m hoping that when we play in the WCC cracker box gyms that Beo and other freshman feel right at home with the walls in the back ground at both ends where the baskets are instead of people and blackness. It’s like depth perception is giving some of our players problems on 3 point shots.
Mika seemed off a bit. 3-11 shooting and turning the ball over was more than usual. He didn’t look like next year’s NBA player. Especially after watching UCLA and other big men play yesterday.

It wasn’t an offensive breakout game for Beo, that is for sure. What was unusual and I would consider it a breakout for BYU was in the team defense arena AND the extra fire that Emery and Haws got from Beo coming in the game. Every game that Beo plays in will get him more comfortable, I guess that people think I am just a Beo homer, I am not. If Beo were getting all the paying time and Haws was only getting what Beo has gotten up to this point, I would be complaining also. I am telling you that we need both of them and Emery to compete with top level teams. If you have only two high scoring guards and one has an off night, the other has to carry the load and the team will usually lose. Give me 3 guards who can put the ball in the basket and the odds are now in BYU’s favor. I am probably a little advantaged in having seen both Haws and Beo in top level AAU games, so I know the kind of competition they have faced and I have seen both of them drop 35 pts on teams filled with D-1 talent … including kids that are at Kentucky and Duke. So, it was maddening that Beo was left on the bench. Rose sees what he has and I am pretty sure that the “feel”: of the game last night was to Rose’s liking … it just had a different atmosphere. Beo will see more time as the season goes on. I am glad for that because it will lead to more success for BYU as a team.

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Grasshopper, MIka has been sick. Didn’t practice at all this past week. If Bryant gets healthy, Haws, Emery and Beo’s minutes will be decreased a bit. Rose’s minutes will be impacted more than anyone though. Halfway through the season Rose will be in a back up role to give rest to the mainline guards.