Byu beats Colorado at home

It’s one game Jim and you act like you have been given a revelation. THawk has said some astute things. He is more objective than you and not given to conspiracy theories. It is not the two of you against the board. Beo has not proven anything yet but we know there is talent there to be exploited, but for all we know Rose will play Frampton instead of Beo the next game. Why don’t you make a bold prediction about the Illinois game so we can pin you down and you don’t get to waffle around like you usually do and claim your right no matter what happens:)))))))

Mika is more skilled as a sophomore than Madsen ever was. Child’s is just a Freshman and has NBA-potential -it just depends how much he wants to work to develop his skill levels. Emery and Haws can both play in Europe.

I can’t disagree more. Bryant will have a real shot. Haws is a freshman just off his mission. He will bulk up and has potential. Danny Ainge was only 6-4.
Childs will develop a shot. He’s the most talented if all of them. Mika develops a shot and will go early. Emery will be given a real shot. He does a lot more than Carlino and Jimmer.

Buck Williams? Who’s that???
You may think I’m crazy but Mika reminds me more of Bill Walton.

That scout should be on the comedy tour.

wow, we are comparing guys after a half dozen games? really? How about we talk about how these guys would be if they were coached by elite ACC coaching or Coach K? Glenn is right when he says to hold off on Childs, who’s lifetime shooting %s says his game is otherwise. I like that Craig said some things to bring certain people “back” to earth but we really have no idea how high these athletes upside are and won’t know for at least a year. It takes at least that long to shake off the mission rust and get the body back pre-mission shape.

Well now, Jim. This piece of writing seems more in line with what I would be rebutting you with after your weekly LP3 rant.

Here is what I said on Leifson:

I would also say that I had been high on Beo since he signed. Guys that watched him in HS wrote that Beo is a “gym rat” and a threat anywhere inside of half court. Here is what I said on Beo back in Oct /2015

You are joking that you don’t know who Buck Williams is, right?

This is from an LA Times article about players who should be in the HOF but are not:
“Buck Williams: He averaged a double-double in his career and was selected to the NBA all-defensive team four times. He is 13th in games played, 16th in rebounds and 14th in field-goal percentage. Williams also was president of the NBA Players’ Assn. for four years.”

For the first 7 years of his NBA career, Buck never averaged fewer than 15.5 ppg or 11.9 rpg–and he was only 6’8"/215 even though he was a only a good but not great leaper. He was skilled and RELENTLESS. Later in his career he had some really good years on some really good Blazer teams.

There is a lot that the Grasshopper “expert” doesn’t know…

Buck Williams was solid

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Sorry but we had a real star, Kobe Bryant to follow. So, who was Buck Winston?

Was he the song writer? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

It was never that I had such a big problem with the LP3. My main gripe was that nobody else was getting an opportunity to see the floor for significant minutes. When they lost to UVU I kind of lost it. Maybe if it hadn’t have been Nielson that was tearing them up… it just started to bug me. I don’t really care where the guys on the team played, but I still stick by my comments about the fact that this is D-1 and what the LP3 did in high school doesn’t matter now.

Seriously though, this is the first game where it seemed like the team was actually a team, and in spite of how well BYU did last season we never actually saw a team playing basketball. It was a group of individuals looking to get theirs and it was frustrating to watch. After 10 games, the team finally showed signs of playing team basketball… the ball movement was good, the help defense was good, the unselfish play that hasn’t been seen in a few years finally looked like it was happening and it was nice to watch. I’m sorry, but Beo made everyone better. I don’t care who it is but it was sorely needed.

I know SR doesn’t like hearing it, but this is what I have been talking about for years now. Last years’ team, in spite of KC and Fischer doing their thing, never got to a point where I thought they had come together and developed chemistry. That is something I believe BYU needs to make it to the next level instead of the NIT bids or one and done ncaa tourney games. Does this mean everything will go smoothly from here on out? No, but it is a good starting point.

No one remembers him :upside_down_face:

The problem with last year is only 2 players could play consistantly. The talent level isn’t nearly as good across the board as it is this year. So, it is easier to have more players involved. This, it has actually looked like a team this year just by the fact the ball goes into the post and then back out.
My professional observation is the reason for our losses isn’t that we weren’t playing team ball. It was be cause if our lack of intensity in our losses. The Colorado game was an example of greater intensity especially on defense.
Now why did our defense look better? Defense is always behind the offense at the start of a season. The players are better understanding their roles and how to work together on the defense.
Beo, Rose, Bryant, great to see them all. But, Rose was just as effective as Beo.

I have no problem with Nielson leaving, he was a stick man while at BYU. Apparently when Rose showed him the door, it lit a fire under him. I am happy for him at UVU… I don’t hear anyone complaining about Mika or Childs being stick men.

As for Beo, you do realize that I was a big fan way back when he signed, he does have a Jimmer like game, as does Haws. I do not agree with THawk when he says that Beo will be replacing LJ Rose anytime soon. Rose is slowed down by injury apparently but he is the perfect compliment to Emery and Haws as an unselfish disher. I still say Rose is the glue to this young team and it seems that everyone forgot about his 16 point-9 rebound game when they talk about Beo’s breakout Colo game. We are just lucky to have both players but if I know anything, I know that Coach Rose will start the Sr Rose in every case if he is healthy.

The Colorado game was big for BYU because it game us a glimpse of what I always believed our young team would be but I remain cautious…we were playing at home where 3s fall…now if we can do it on the road I will be “all in” on this team and its future. I know you love to rub it in when you say, “wait and see” but Childs is the type of player that we never get at BYU and he (as well as Beo) are on record as saying that they signed because of the LP3. So cut them some slack.

Lastly, the UVU loss was needed. For the first time I voiced my opinion that Coach Rose should be fired, I was not alone, there were plenty of us. I am on record of saying that Rose leads the nation in points scored but plays no defense and that spells doom in the post season. We all wanted it heard loud and clear that we now have the “athletes” not seen since the Ainge years and did not want all that talent squandered. Rose has stepped up. We are starting to play D.

You said some really good things here. I agree with most of it. Hawks won’t but he should.
Just a couple of corrections: Childs and Mika are not stick bean poles. With that in mind, players like Neisen or Shaw should be required to try and bulk up like on the football team. However, not everyone can. I remember Marc Wilson was fed everything they could to try and get him bigger and heavier. He was drinking Near Beer! He just could not gain weight. But he did get very strong. Wirey!

I agree the Beo plays more like Jimmer. But Haws is nothing like Jimmer. Haws has better ball handling skills, better vertical leaping ability, quickness and much more upside talent.

“Hawks” is inside your head so you need to start charging me rent. As for what Chris said I agree with most of it.

So either charge me rent or evict me… I’m tired of squatting inside your head… LOL

“Hawks” fly high above all of our heads and crap on us from above :roll_eyes::joy:

Nonsense I don’t mind hearing it-I just do an eye roll and smile-typical JFK conspiracy :slight_smile:

The world you live in is perfect and conspiracy free? Nobody has an agenda or an ego or pride…

Must be nice :innocent: