BYU chasing a new year's day bowl game

BYU has been mentioned this week as a NY day candidate. The chances of that are remote on merit that BYU plays no P5 games and no ranked teams.

In order for BYU to even have a hope for one of the biggies, UCF, who is ranked way about BYU, must lose, not once but maybe twice. UCF plays several teams that are ranked, Memphis (never thought I would EVER root for Memphis) and a showdown with #15 ranked Cinn.

BYU plays a common opponent, Houston, both UCF and BYU play @ Houston. So Beat Houston and a UCF loss would help greatly.

The playoff format has all of the P5 champs, most likely a ND as well and the highest G5 ranked team…so there is a path. Go Cougs

It sounds like Boise is a likely game. One more P-5 would be enough. Then, just win. First Louisiana Tech. They had 10 wins last year so they aren’t a pushover.

The Cougars MUST WIN OUT!!! And win big. If they do not lose at all this year, if nothing else, that will set them up pretty good for next year - given there will be a next year.

Even then, BYU has to hope that both Cinn and UCF lose, tricky since they both only have a few tough games…BYU has Houston and a big maybe of BSU and a bigger maybe of Army. Just not enough to impress anyone.

Would of loved playing the toughest schedule BYU EVER had with this team. Im not saying BYU would of won out, just too many tough games to lose key players in and we already have lost Bushman and Au You. Oh well, to dream about it…Utah would of been a win.

OK, A ton of movement this week and the big news, #11 UCF lost to an unranked Tulsa, @ Home and feel out of the rankings but this UCF team is good and a possible BYU replacement team.

Now only #11 Cinn, also of the AC, sits ahead of BYU as the top non-P5, they play on the road against now ranked #18 Tulsa (which would also jump BYU if Tulsa wins out) so BYU still has to hope that Cinn and Tulsa lose at some point.

As for BYU, We have plenty of excited national writers gushing about Zac Wilson as a Heisman candidate and BYU a NY’s day team. go cougs.

With the discussion for a 12 team Division I playoff BYU could become a member of the American Athletic Conference and shoot for an AAC football championship and therefore qualify for the football playoff. There is no way BYU would make it into the football as anindependent unless we were undefeated or say 11-1 in the regular season. In a conference like the AAC if we can win the football championship BYU could probably qualify for the 12 team tourney.

Or go back and join the Mtn…Indy is better then both…just get into a P5.

Don’t we hope that BYU can get into a P-5. But realistically name a P-5 conference that would accept BYU. I don’t see the liberal PAC-12 nor the so called Big 12 Conference

I outlined it in a different thread. Has to do with the strong friendship between Witt and Sitake as well as our winning games in the P12 and any other P5 league.