BYU closes 2015 recruiting class strong to boost overall grade - 5 Feb


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After watching the Signing Day Special on BYU Sports Nation I was exceptionally impressed by Bronco’s candidness and his knowledge of his 2015 class of recruits. I learned a lot about his knowledge of recruiting, that he has a positive attitude, and I am very happy that he is taking over the defense again. I have been tough on Bronco in my posts over the years. But I really wish him luck and am praying for him to do the best he can. In my opinion, this class looks manageable at BYU, with mostly three stars. it may well be the present best option for Bronco and his Cougars and the staff. So-go for it Bronco. I will hold my breath and try to be more possitive. Hopefully, with all of these factors above and the tough schedule that Bronco says BYU wants to play now, I hope and pray that they can do good in 2015. This may be the beginning of a much better football program at BYU.