BYU cracks top 25 at #23

AP has BYU ranked at #23… So important to beat SCU this week!

More important the BYU Team sheet:
BYU 20-7 NET: 23 ( KPI: 39, SOR: 29) (BPI: 17, POM: 17, SAG: 24)

Besides BYU winning the cougs could use UCLA and Nevada victories to have the Bruins and Wolfpack move up into Quadrant 2 victories. Five quadrant 2 victories against three losses is much better than a 3-3 record in the quadrant.

Are we still going to the NIT? :sunglasses:

What is with the coaches? BYU #27? Bigots!

for numbers wonks who would like to do an analysis of whether byu should be in or out of the tournament.

That was last year. This is 2020-2021 season. SM may lose more in league than BYU and still be rated higher. BYU would still get in and is so far. Must win against the weaker teams. Although, the WCC is much stronger this year against non-league opponents. We are in so far.