BYU D was porous again

and if not Kalina’s GUTSY call I would have bet that BSU would have won. The D let 2 touchdown drives by BSU like they were a high school D. Oldroyd should not attempt another FG. The O took care of their jobs. The D at USU could be eaten alive. However, a great win for the team.

Hall may have lost his job.

The D was okay. Especially in the 3rd. Offense opened it up and looked okay. 28 points isn’t enough. 14th ranked. A very good win! Glad they went under center for the half yard or should have been half inch.
Refs were biased. They will be again in 2 weeks. We just have to outplay USU. And yes. Bench the kicker and try someone else. May not kick as long but can make short field goals. Almost cost us another game.

GH: I agree with yu about the officials, they did all they could you help Boise State. I disagree with you about the kicker Jake Oldroyd. Who else can kick on the team better than him? Who?

dido. refs are no friends of ours. Oldroyd is a stud. Grimes called his best 3rd quarter ever but he could only do it with cool hand luke.

Have to find someone. He can kick the long ones. He can kick the extra points. Other than that, try someone else. How about suiting up one of the girls on the soccer team.
I think these coaches read our posts on Cougarfan. I called forGrimes to get out of the booth and he did!

Oldroyd is a stud??? 4 missed field goals under 40 yards which cost us 2 games and almost this one. Oldroyd has become a dud and he better figure it out now.

Had the same feeling as you-getting that 1st down was the only way we would have won

In the deseret news, it mentioned a couple changes for BYU.

  1. Kalani took over the defensive play calling, and changed the scheme.
  2. Kalani went full Samoan on his players and coaches on Monday. Pulsing blood veins and emotions.
  3. Grimes took over the O-line coaching because most of them were 3rd stringers due to injuries.
  4. Grimes made the offensive play calls down on the field instead of the box. He wanted to help teach the really young lineman
  5. The RB’s were pretty thin. A true freshman played.

So I guess Kalani shook things up a bit like he said he would.

OK, that explains everything. When BYU rattled Cord with blitzes and pressure I thought has much.
So this is a total guess, Did Sitake feel we had a large enough lead in the 4th when he allowed the 3-8 all 4th qtr. long? Who called the Kafenzis QB sneak? Tonga in there, been praying to see that all season long.

I have not asked for Sitake to be fired but I was sweating that he would be let go because of his Iliaki loyalty. His childhood buddy has to go. He just has to go, wrong D calls in short or goal line situations. BYU has plenty of talent on both sides of the ball if we coach it up.

As for Grimes, he needs to be on the field, he did a great job

in that same article, it t said Kalani made the decision.

I thought Kalani was/is the right coach, just need to do better with his assistant coaches.

I would not have cared if we went for it and didn’t get the 1st down. I just want a coach who is proactive rather then slowly dying from the lack of decision.

Feels good to see BYU play inspired ball again and to want to root for the team. Feels good to be excited to play a good USU team at their place and talk smack with my fishing buddies again…rather then shake my head and apologize for BYU’s demise.

I think he finally tuned into Cougarfan. We’ve been saying he had to take over the defense. And I have been saying Grimes needs to call plays from the field. The other reasons for him on the field are valid too.

When did you actually say this? I can not find any previous posts from you that says this.

Finally was able to watch the game, MWC officials are as I remember them… “Poor”. There were so many questionable calls, especially the PI on Herron. The db has the right to make contact when he is focusing on the ball.

Oh, I’m sure you spent time going over all my posts this past week. :smile:

I agree with fish. A gutsy call I would have supported even if not successful. A MAN who gives a s$$$ makes that call. Loved the “we came to play, whatever it takes” mentality.

Well, maybe if we didn’t stop being aggressive with the offense and instead tried to run out the clock we wouldn’t have had to run on 4th down. Sort of like the last 2 games we lost.

It’s called “Search” engine, Scott.
It is an amazing part of a website.

I think they used what was effective, the run.

Finau (sp?) was getting 5 to 8 yards a carry. Not bad for a redshirt Freshman.

I thought they did great against a good BSU defense.

Not in the 4th quarter which is what my opinion was about. That’s because we went conservative in the last 2 losses in the 4th quarters. We did it again against Boise and won by the length of the football.
By the way, going conservative doesn’t mean “run” the ball. It means not being willing to stay creative in the run and pass if you can. The plays became predictable and telegraphed.
Now, do some real research and stop being lazy.