BYU defeats So. Florida

In a poor shooting effort against a weak offensive team, BYU wins 54-39. Ugly short shot shooting. They are going backwards. Too much dribbling by Knight and the Lucas. They get into trouble.

BYU wins by 15 and you criticize them? What kind of fan are you? You should be happy for the win, focus on the positive and look to the next game. South Florida is a good team (lost to Auburn by 6) and BYU took it to them, holding them to their lowest total points so far this season.

Man, some people…

Did you watch the game? No. We missed lots of easy shots at the basket. Our defense was good. But their shooting was horrible as well. We better play much better next game whether it’s Hawaii or Vanderbilt. If it’s Hawaii, it will be 5 on 8.