BYU did not make it to the big dance

The reasons are:

  1. Coach Rose is a horrible coach
  2. Emery stinks
  3. LP3 are the worst talent if all time
  4. The team is selfish
  5. The team is full of ball hogs
  6. The team needs Hawks and Thawks to play and coach
  7. The refs suck
  8. Everyone hates Mormons
  9. Utah is a horrible state
  10. Mediocre players should play and the very talented should all sit.

Did I miss anything???

  1. BYU plays dirty

Rose-coached teams can’t play defense.

This BYU team is too young and expectations are unrealistic.:thinking:

No talent and no effort :-/~

Plenty of talent, no effort on defense.

Your reasons, while mildly funny, are somewhat true. I would say that numbers 2 and 5 are probably the most accurate, the rest are nonsensical, like most of your posts. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

The team is relatively young and while expectations may have been somewhat unrealistic this season, I don’t think they were that unreasonable.

Is it unrealistic to expect a team that beat undefeated and #1 ranked Gonzaga to at least compete against St. Mary’s? or hold Utah Valley to less than 100 points in the MC? or to not lose to Pepperdine 3 years in a row?

I don’t think so, do you?

Totally disagree. They give lots of effort. They have have a lousy offensive scheme. They are physically weak for defense but give it effort. Although, their basics lack a lot. Bryant knows how to fight over a screen but others don’t. The NBA coach will be needed again. The problem isn’t the players. They are trying.

That was the point! All if it is nonsensical:-)

No, not even close. The defensive effort changes from game to game based on their motivation and whether or not they think their opponent is worthy of the effort.

The problem is the culture. They have this mistaken idea that they are better than they really are. It results in lax effort at times, contempt for some teammates, blame on others for problems, trying to win games solo, etc. They think shoot first, then pass… and it doesn’t work that way.

No one has said anything that you listed. Anytime they are quoted they complement each other. Why do you insist to put thoughts and words in their mouths?
I’m right about the defense. They try but due to lack of experience and lack of playing the past year or two they make mental mistakes. Not because they are lazy.

Simply put, this is just not true. You are not watching the games closely enough. They frequently give up on defense and effort. They don’t stay in front of their man either. They jump at 3 point shooters, leaving their feet all the time because they haven’t hustled to get in position. You might have the tv on but you are not watching what is happening out there. Why does Guinn have success on defense? because he makes an effort to play hard. That is it, he isn’t more experienced an he hasn’t played much recently.

It’s all true. And they don’t often give up. That’s ridiculous! They get beat by more experienced players at the collegiate level.

No, I don’t think expectations were unrealistic at the end of the season. Everyone ratcheted down their expectations as it became apparent this team wasn’t going to make the NCAA tourney and would finish 3rd in the league at best. Getting embarrassed by St. Mary’s revealed some underlying issues that had more to do with coaching than talent or youth. My brother-in-law is a law professor at BYU and catches bits and pieces of the underlying sentiment of the administration. He tells me Dave Rose has one more year to get the program on track again or coaching changes will be made. I think Rose could have saved the season had he been able to land Frank Jackson. i hear Frank Jackson is a budding star at Duke. He could have created “Jackson mania” at BYU much like Ainge and Jimmer did in their eras. Rose has good talent on this team but Jackson is a player that can create his own shot and beat most everyone in this league one-on-one, With a player like that and a guy like Mika down low, its not too hard to put together a winning coaching strategy.

Okay, this is a tricky question. We saw what Frank Jackson did at Duke but he lucked out I believe, now that he is a star.
If FJ instead came to BYU would Dave Rose play him like he did to those LP3 along with healthy KD and Lj Rose? FJ was not part of this LP3 Championship team at LP. He came to LP after Mika and Emery already graduated. He did played well at LP with Haws but that was it. He could of been sitting at the bench this year at the Y which would be a waste of his talent. Sure he would be playing (I think) along with Bryant right now or he could be sitting in the cheer leading team on the bench with Dastrup - I am not being funny about that which I am wondering about Dave Rose history of losing Chatman, Bartley and a few.
Or FJ could of been on his mission already.
I or some would agree FJ would be a star at the Y like Danny Ainge and Jimmer no question. Or I could be day dreaming that FJ would leave on his mission after this NCAA Tournament and transfer to BYU when he becomes RM. Yeah, my bad that he would be wasting his career and becomes too old for NBA to take him.

Frank Jackson was the top 4 rated player in the nation when he signed with Duke. As an elite player, he would have never ever signed with BYU, end of subject. Jackson is the single reason why Duke got a #2 seed and all of the talk of a possible one. Keep in mind that early in the season when Duke was losing and falling out of the top 25, Jackson was languishing on the bench, it was not until Grayson Allen got suspended that Jackson got the starting role and put up 20 point, huge assist numbers. I have them favored to win it all.

As FJ has said after he signed with Duke that he was not comfortable about BYU. Is he saying about Dave Rose style?
I didn’t know two players at Duke were suspended. I thought they had few injured players. Lucky for FJ and good luck for him in the ncaa.

FJ would be starting. Emery and Haws would be fighting for playing time and we would be in the NCAAs with Mika, Bryant and Jackson. With Childs and the other two, unbeatable.

Wasn’t FJ an early commit to BYU before he blossomed into an elite talent? Anyway, you’re right that you can’t fault Rose for losing FJ to Duke. For BYU to get those elite athletes, they either have to want to come for the BYU experience or Rose has to get them on board before they develop into stars (like Jimmer). Back to my original point, barring success in recruiting some elite talent, Rose is going to have to earn success the hard way…by great coaching.

The honor code is difficult and we should be thankful for the athletes we get. Instead, we vilify them calling them selfish and ball hogs. After giving up 2 years of their lives to serve mankind. Mind boggling.