BYU Fanfests and reppin the Y

I dig that BYU is going out to world (AZ, Cali, Hawaii, SLC county…) and bringing the love to the fans. My Facebook and Twitter accounts were flooded with pictures of the recent events.

I have one big question. Now that fans are adopting the whole repping the Y thing, how come so many are doing it backward? There are tons of pics of the coaches/players doing it one way and the fans doing it the other.

Many of the pictures on the BYU sites show fans making the hang loose sign, not reppin the Y. The difference is that with the Y the fingers are facing the front, with the hang loose the back of the hand is facing the front. If this is going to be a thing, I think fans need to get it right.


Don’t you know it is a sin to question the clueless fans or anything they do?

This is just another example of BYU fans who support and love their team, but appear ignorant while doing it. It is my contention that if you want to support your school and team you should learn about the sport you are watching and then do your best to understand how to cheer for that team.

Wiggly fingers, reppin’ the Y, whatever it is… a fan should know what they are doing if they want credibility and legitimacy.

It is the same thing I have harped on, with guys like grasshopper and harold, here on this board. :smile:

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You’re right, however if you do a simple Google search you’ll notice that half the graphics out there that represent “hang loose” also show it both ways. You might as well complain about everyone on the internet that gets it wrong. Also, I doubt any of the younger Cougar fans even knows what hang loose is, it’s such an old saying to them, so it probably doesn’t even register as different enough to mean anything.