BYU football: Mendenhall not pressured by 2015 record but driven to mold an elite program - 17 Apr


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I have enjoyed the Thread started by Ron U and in this article Bronco seems to be saying what Ron U says in his comments below the article. Ron U in starting this Thread has inspired me to listen and be more patient. Perhaps Mr. Wight feels like I did before I got involved in the Ron U Thread. I, like Mr. Wight , am not sure if Bronco and his coaching staff is up to it. But I like the idea, as Ron U says, “…act like a P-5 program …and be like a P-5 program.” If Bronco and staff can do it I will be happy. I am going to try to watch this season and see what happens. If we wind up 6 and 6 and beat say 2 to 4 P-5’s then maybe BYU is on the track to P-5. How could we get a worse bowl situation? If we are 8-4 against FCS and MWC and AAC teams and go to a Miami Beach Bowl or a Fight Hunger Bowl or Poinsettia Bowl or what if we go 6 and 6 and still go to the same bowls and maybe have beaten 2 to 4 P-5’s, mainly on the road. Then as Ron U and Bronco says, it is progress.